Monday, June 1, 2015

Week Full of Blessings & The Parable of the Sower

This week went super well! 

We reached all but two of our key indicator goals this week which was just a huge blessing from the Lord. We have been stuggling a lot these past few weeks getting investigators and lessons. We kept studying to better ourselves and to keep making little changes to our work and personal habits. This went on for about 5 weeks, this week I felt like God just poured out the blessings. We recieved a lot of contacts this weeek from members and they passed by almost all of our investigators for church and are very supportive in teaching with us now. We focused a lot on training members so that we could help the work go forward with more ease and it has really been paying off. 

We taught a man who months ago called us from a distance while we were walking home one night. He asked if we would help him stop drinking because he needed to and so we marked for a day to come back and teach him. He never ended up being at home but we left a Book of Mormon for him to start reading. Turns out he had been working a lot and had been reading the Book of Mormon. When we finally found him a while later, he told us he hadn't drunk since he started reading and that he really wanted to change his life for good. He came to chruch for the first time this last week and loved it so much. He was going to go to an activity later that sunday. We are really excited for him and our testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon has really grown.

Our President said something interesting a while ago. He said we can't prove this church right or wrong with the bible, that's why we have the Book of Mormon and that's why we give it out to strangers in the streets and people we teach for the first time. It is the proof of everything. The key tool to know the truth, and the driving force to strengthen us and give us guidence. In my mind I just kept saying "Amen" "Amen" ;) Haha I love the scriptures and especially the Book of Mormon. I hope that we can all read it with purpose everyday to recieve the words that God  needs us to hear that day. 

I hope the week goes well!!! Love you all
Sis Goss

I asked for Taylor's feedback on a talk that will be used at girl's camp this next week.  I thought her response was worth sharing and I have also included a link to the talk.

It is a great one and I would recommend reading it!

Taylor's response:

So I printed out that talk and I've been studying it a lot this week. Actually we are giving a training on the heart and personal revelation this next week all because this talk really helped us out. 

So as I was reading I was trying to keep in mind that you want to let the girls realize where thier hearts are. So I tried to remember that throughout. 

I loved the three parts he speaks about. These include all those who have accepted the gospel (all of us). The Rocky ground, Thorns, and brought forth fruit. For me I noticed the pattern of how the word is always mentioned subtly . These three grounds depend on how we accept "the word". Mom, "the word" isn't just hearing stuff in church or it being taught to you. It's personal revelation. Personal study and prayer to know, accept and act on the word is what will give these girls good ground for thier testimony, and more importantly conversion, to really take off. 

1. Rocky ground - those who like to hear talks and go to church but never really have thier own personal revelation. Just the revelation of other people. This will help thier plant grow but the roots will never grow deep or strong if they don't do thier own personal revelation activities.  He says to be "regular in it's practices". Meaningful daily scripture study and prayer is daily communication with God, and daily communication with God makes a relationship with him and having a relationship with him creates strong conversion. 

2. Thorns - these are those who get personal revelation but never really do anything with it so other things become more important and choke out the personal revelation. "We are all tempted with this" he says and then further explains that nothing should be put before you and your relationship with God.

3. The good ground  - These are those who learn to really recieve this communication and to put it into practice. These are those who learn for themselves, who act and not react, those who are strongly rooted in the gospel. Personl revelation (talking with God daily) will show you excactly where you are, where you need to be and how you need to get there. 

Mom, I know that if these girls learned, really learned how to pray and study with meaning they would have this relationship with God. They would do things by themselves because their testimony isn't based on other people, how well the teacher teeaches, but on what they have learned on thier own. If I knew this before the mission I could have been so much more prepared, more self sufficient. I could have progressed faster.  But I hope that they can learn from us old folk and make the decision early to create the relationship with God through prayer (we speak with Him) and real scripture study (He speaks with us). Can  Look in PMG for study tips.

Love you! TIme will fly these next couple 

SIs Goss 

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