Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lessons Learned at Home and Abroad

Just Africans in this house #toomuchfun!!!

Mom!!!! How are you? its been a while ;) Sounds like you got the plans. I'm so excited but still focused, no worries. It sounds like you all will be heading out to Lake Powel this week. Please enjoy a little bit of the water for me mom! Man being here in Brava I think I'm going to loose some of my tan. Its always cloudy and cold here but hey, that's what a backyard is for ;) 

I love you so much mom. I have just learned so much here. How to really cook, budget, cook cheap good meals, wash clothes by hand, how to clean and function without running water, how to teach to all kinds of levels of undrstanding, how to trust in the Lord, how to work hard and diligently through hard times, and more. This all makes me so grateful to you and dad. You both learned so much together and taught us kids the things you learned. Thank you. Really mom. Even though its really different here I have used a lot of the things you and dad have taught me to work out here. It was truly a blessing to have you and dad as my partents. I can't wait to thank you more in person.

I hope the family is well and that everyone is busy with the summertime activities. I cant wait to spend more time wiht you all.  Here are some pics of brava, sis cibambi (from the congo), sis machate (my comp from mosambique) and me. 

Love you!

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