Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fruits of Our Labors - Last Transfer

Last Leadership Council

ZL's new best friend we found walking home from zone meeting

 Childrens' Day in praia

Transfers were yesterday and I was released as STL and will now be serving my last transfer in Brava (aka Wild). Sister Machate from Mozambique will be my comp and killer (last comp)  So I'll be leaving FIre (fogo) to serve in Wild (brava). Kinda fun :) Overall I am super excited to serve there and to continue the work that the Lord  has for us. It is a lot cooler in Brava with a much higher elevation. The "city" of Brava is called Vila (Village). Its a pretty tiny island. 

Earlier this week we went to our leadership council and got some great inspiration for our zone. It is always uplifting to be together as leadership and to discuss how we can improve as a mission.  One of the big focusses was on helping people really understand that they are children of God. And showing that they have personal worth and hope for something more than what the world can give them. The First lesson of the Restoration is a way for them to really come to know that we are children of God and he wants to talk with us. He has already spoken to people in the past, He speaks to them now, and he can speak to you and me. Through the Book of Mormon and prayer we can really come to build a relationship with our Father in Heaven to know for ourselves that He and His Son live today and are guiding us through Their chosen prophets. It was a great council and zone meeting.

This week was a lot of fun. I feel like everything that we have been working for finally came all together in this last week. Progressing investigators at church, lots of people accepting dates, and the ward is just becoming more and more supportave. I feel really blessed to have spent five transfers here with these people. They are so special to me and I feel like many of them have been my family for the last seven months. What a privalage it has been.

 I can't wait for more opportunities in Brava to serve and to work for the Lord. 

With lots of love,
Sister Goss

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