Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Taylor's Favorite Lesson to teach is.........

 Pics of Choir for stake conf 

Pinha (the fruit they use to make Pina-Colada) super good with a bit of sugar on top


This week was another wonderful chance to serve the Lord. We had a lot of rough patches but the Lord is just building us up and helping us be better. 

About two months ago we started teaching A., someone really interested in getting baptized and she had come with her cousin to church one sunday and wanted to talk with us. We only got to talk with her once before she left on a trip to Praia for two months. But this week we found that she had come back. We went over and started talking, she told us that she  still had desire to be baptized and to follow this path. We asked if she had been reading and praying and she said that in her prayers the only answer that she was getting was a "yes" from the Lord. We were all filled with joy and started talking about the plan of salvation and what all of this could really mean for her. 
We talked about eternal families, returning back to our Father and becoming like Him. And really talked a lot about how each decision she makes can bring her closer to her Father in Heaven and to having eternal life with Him. 

The Plan of Salvation is probably my favorite lesson to teach. It really explains why we have commandments, why we have church, and why we need a Savior or to be baptized. It answers so many questions to the soul, especially the question of who God is.  He is our Father. He loves us. It is He who wants us to live up to our potential so that we can live in a state of happiness without end.  I know that God lives to show us his love and to help us become who we are designed to be.   We are meant to be like He is. I am so grateful for our oldest Brother who offered his life for us so that we would have the opportunity of success in this perfect plan. 

I know that A. felt the spirit of love. Because this plan is how He shows His love for us. If we follow and become better each day we will be worthy of living in His presence once again with the full and everlasting blessings of the gospel. A. a date for June and we are excited to help one another return to our Father in Heaven :)

I love you all so much. Really. I love you all a lot. I hope the week goes well and that you all continue to search for more understanding in the gospel of Jesus Christ this week. 

WIth lots of love,
Sister Goss

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