Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rough Week - FROOTLOOPS#realblessingsfromtheLord


This week was a bit of a rough one for us BUT we are still enjoying the service of being a missionary!

So this week we have really been tested on our diligence and hope. This week it has felt like everything has just stopped. We have been praying, fasting, and studying so much this week to find what more we could do as a companionship for this area. It really interesting, through all of these studies and prayer we both recieved an answer to just keep going. Sometimes I feel like the Lord gives us a really good amount of time to prove what we have learned over our past experiences sometimes. We have been continually trying to better ourselves to help our investigators and to really focus on what they need. Then we ended up never finding them in thier house. But funny how the Lord works because almost everyday we found a small but tender mercy that the Lord gave us. 

Yesterday we were having a really hard time finding the people we put down as plan A, B, and C. So we sat down to plan out something else. Suddenly we had the feeling to go train a member on trying to help one of our investigators. When we got ther we found his whole family together sitting out on the street chatting. We walked up and said hello to everyone and asked if we could take a few minutes to read a scripture. They all agreed and pulled up some chairs for us. We started the lessons and we just felt prompted to talk about why we as members love to share the gospel. Turns out that some of the members sisters were not members but had been invited many times to got to church or to take lessons. They were never very interested, but as we explained why Mormons want to share their mood changed and they opened up a lot more. We then asked them if they would pray. They agreed, and then we extended the baptism invite. They told us that if they really felt that God wanted them to follow this path after praying they would baptize. The spirit was so strong. That was our last and one of the only investigator lessons we had that Sunday. But what a tender mercy. 

I know the Lord lets us go through difficult times on the mission and through life, sometimes just to help us practice what we have learned in the past and/or to learn something new. I am grateful for every moment that I have had on the mission and I know that the Lord has been here to help lead adn guide me through it all. We must trust in the Lord and what he has planned for us, no matter what, and we will become stronger in a way we never thought we could. 

I love you all!!!!!!!

SIster Goss

PS   We found frootloops here!!!!!!! #realblessingsfromtheLord

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