Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Taylor's Favorite Lesson to teach is.........

 Pics of Choir for stake conf 

Pinha (the fruit they use to make Pina-Colada) super good with a bit of sugar on top


This week was another wonderful chance to serve the Lord. We had a lot of rough patches but the Lord is just building us up and helping us be better. 

About two months ago we started teaching A., someone really interested in getting baptized and she had come with her cousin to church one sunday and wanted to talk with us. We only got to talk with her once before she left on a trip to Praia for two months. But this week we found that she had come back. We went over and started talking, she told us that she  still had desire to be baptized and to follow this path. We asked if she had been reading and praying and she said that in her prayers the only answer that she was getting was a "yes" from the Lord. We were all filled with joy and started talking about the plan of salvation and what all of this could really mean for her. 
We talked about eternal families, returning back to our Father and becoming like Him. And really talked a lot about how each decision she makes can bring her closer to her Father in Heaven and to having eternal life with Him. 

The Plan of Salvation is probably my favorite lesson to teach. It really explains why we have commandments, why we have church, and why we need a Savior or to be baptized. It answers so many questions to the soul, especially the question of who God is.  He is our Father. He loves us. It is He who wants us to live up to our potential so that we can live in a state of happiness without end.  I know that God lives to show us his love and to help us become who we are designed to be.   We are meant to be like He is. I am so grateful for our oldest Brother who offered his life for us so that we would have the opportunity of success in this perfect plan. 

I know that A. felt the spirit of love. Because this plan is how He shows His love for us. If we follow and become better each day we will be worthy of living in His presence once again with the full and everlasting blessings of the gospel. A. a date for June and we are excited to help one another return to our Father in Heaven :)

I love you all so much. Really. I love you all a lot. I hope the week goes well and that you all continue to search for more understanding in the gospel of Jesus Christ this week. 

WIth lots of love,
Sister Goss

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Elder Kearon Visits for Stake and Zone Conference

Info about Elder Kearon http://www.gapages.com/kearop1.htm

Alright I'm sorry about my wimpy letters,

SO this week we had our zone conference, and stake conference. Wow they were great. We had the president of the area of europe Elder Kearon come to visit during those conferences. It was amazing to be around that man. On the Sat afternoon session he stood up to give his talk and instead of going to the pulpit he walked over to us (we were participating in chior) and asked if Sister Z and I  would bear our testimonies for a few min before he started his talk. With a shaky voice, I bore my testimony of how I knew we were all family. And as such we have the responsibility to help our brothers and sisters so that we can all return together to our Father in Heaven, who needs his children back with Him. Then sister Z bore hers of the power of the book of Mormon. Afterwards Elder Kearon spoke about having a testimony and to not stop there but to continue to become converted. It was  a powerful talk and I was grateful for every word and the spirit that he brought. 

The rest of the week went just as well with new investigators that are just amazing and who have the desire to change and follow Christ.

I am just so grateful for all of the things we learn and come to understand on the mission. It really changes you to be more like Christ, to be a little better every day. 

I love you all so oooo much. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Goss

Monday, May 11, 2015


1. Us trying to BBQ chicken sister missionary style

Family and Friends,

This week has been even more exciting. One of the sisters in the other area had to go to Praia to get some medical work done and so we have a greenie with us and we are trying to work two areas with three sisters and only seven days in the week! Pretty fun! But the Lord has blessed us with a lesson almost every hour that we are out and working. 

It was great talking to the family and Happy Mother's Day mom!!!! I love you so much!!!!

Sorry really busy. 

I love you all

I'll write a good letter next week!!!!

Love, SIster Goss

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rough Week - FROOTLOOPS#realblessingsfromtheLord


This week was a bit of a rough one for us BUT we are still enjoying the service of being a missionary!

So this week we have really been tested on our diligence and hope. This week it has felt like everything has just stopped. We have been praying, fasting, and studying so much this week to find what more we could do as a companionship for this area. It really interesting, through all of these studies and prayer we both recieved an answer to just keep going. Sometimes I feel like the Lord gives us a really good amount of time to prove what we have learned over our past experiences sometimes. We have been continually trying to better ourselves to help our investigators and to really focus on what they need. Then we ended up never finding them in thier house. But funny how the Lord works because almost everyday we found a small but tender mercy that the Lord gave us. 

Yesterday we were having a really hard time finding the people we put down as plan A, B, and C. So we sat down to plan out something else. Suddenly we had the feeling to go train a member on trying to help one of our investigators. When we got ther we found his whole family together sitting out on the street chatting. We walked up and said hello to everyone and asked if we could take a few minutes to read a scripture. They all agreed and pulled up some chairs for us. We started the lessons and we just felt prompted to talk about why we as members love to share the gospel. Turns out that some of the members sisters were not members but had been invited many times to got to church or to take lessons. They were never very interested, but as we explained why Mormons want to share their mood changed and they opened up a lot more. We then asked them if they would pray. They agreed, and then we extended the baptism invite. They told us that if they really felt that God wanted them to follow this path after praying they would baptize. The spirit was so strong. That was our last and one of the only investigator lessons we had that Sunday. But what a tender mercy. 

I know the Lord lets us go through difficult times on the mission and through life, sometimes just to help us practice what we have learned in the past and/or to learn something new. I am grateful for every moment that I have had on the mission and I know that the Lord has been here to help lead adn guide me through it all. We must trust in the Lord and what he has planned for us, no matter what, and we will become stronger in a way we never thought we could. 

I love you all!!!!!!!

SIster Goss

PS   We found frootloops here!!!!!!! #realblessingsfromtheLord