Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Why, What, How"

Member family that I love!!!!

Me and my goodies


At the begining fo the week we went to Praia for Leadership Council. We had some really great direction given by our President and his wife. We were given trainings on the commandments, attributes of Christ and our language studies. Sister Mathews made a  wonderful training for us instructing us on how Preach my Gospel is close to scripture because it was writen by our prophet and the apostles. The resoration is the base we give the investigator, the plan of salvation is the "why" for everything, the gospel of Christ is the "what" and the commandments are the "how". It was great and I learned so much.
This week we have been doing our best to teach simply shortly and with scriptures for power. We have had some wonderful lessons with a great spirit. We were teaching one of our recent converts who has had some issues with one of the commandments. But we really focussed on repentance, plan of salvation and atonement. The spirit was so strong and we all started crying a bit. I love those whom I serve and I can't wait to continue serving in this work.
Mom, thanks soooo much for the package. You are just the best!!! Sophie, I loved the pictures you drew as well!!! Dad, kimball, garrett, you guys rock! I love you all and hope the week is great!
Sister Goss

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