Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Miracle Baptism in Brava

Brava is an island in Cape Verde. It is the smallest inhabited island, but at the same time the greenest, of Cape Verde, in the Sotavento group. First settled in the 1540s, its population grew after Mount Fogo on neighbouring Fogo erupted in 1675.

Hey everyone!!!! I hope you are all doing well. 

This week was great we got to do some divisions and had a miracle baptism!

So earlier in the week we had just felt that we were supposed to find someone to baptize for this week but we had nooo idea who it was. None the less we put down one as a goal for the week and got to work. In planning we had decided that we were going to do divisions in Brava for Thursday and friday so we need to find someone on Mon, Tue, or Wed to accept baptism and to have the interview while we were on divisions. Mon went so so. But on Tues during comp study we thought of one of our investigators who is always in chruch but is just saving up to get married at the end of May. We thought maybe she would be willing to keep the commandment before her wedding and that way she would really be able to feel the full blessings of obedience and really show true repentence. We went to talk to her later that day. The lesson went  so well. We reviewed the blessings of the commandment and asked her if she would like those in her life immediately. She told us she did and that she was willing to make special arrangements to keep the commandments.  She accepted to be baptized that Saturday, and from there we planned the interview and got everything taken care of. I was filled with gratitude and love for our Fathers mercy and blessings in our lives.  

We went to Brava the next night and we're able to call and check up with her regularly. The interview went smoothly and she called us telling us how excited she was almost to the point of tears. It was really touching for me to hear her excitement and to share the joy of baptism with her. She really showed the Lord she was willing to do His will and I know He will give her the blessings she needs in her life as a mother with three kids and a great love for the gospel and the Lord. 

We also had transfers this Sunday, I will be staying one more round with Sister Z. We are excited to continue the work here, and to find those ready for the joy and blessings of the gospel.

Thanks for all of your support and love. You are all so important to me. Have a wonderful week!!!!

Sister Goss

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