Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Miracle Baptism in Brava

Brava is an island in Cape Verde. It is the smallest inhabited island, but at the same time the greenest, of Cape Verde, in the Sotavento group. First settled in the 1540s, its population grew after Mount Fogo on neighbouring Fogo erupted in 1675.

Hey everyone!!!! I hope you are all doing well. 

This week was great we got to do some divisions and had a miracle baptism!

So earlier in the week we had just felt that we were supposed to find someone to baptize for this week but we had nooo idea who it was. None the less we put down one as a goal for the week and got to work. In planning we had decided that we were going to do divisions in Brava for Thursday and friday so we need to find someone on Mon, Tue, or Wed to accept baptism and to have the interview while we were on divisions. Mon went so so. But on Tues during comp study we thought of one of our investigators who is always in chruch but is just saving up to get married at the end of May. We thought maybe she would be willing to keep the commandment before her wedding and that way she would really be able to feel the full blessings of obedience and really show true repentence. We went to talk to her later that day. The lesson went  so well. We reviewed the blessings of the commandment and asked her if she would like those in her life immediately. She told us she did and that she was willing to make special arrangements to keep the commandments.  She accepted to be baptized that Saturday, and from there we planned the interview and got everything taken care of. I was filled with gratitude and love for our Fathers mercy and blessings in our lives.  

We went to Brava the next night and we're able to call and check up with her regularly. The interview went smoothly and she called us telling us how excited she was almost to the point of tears. It was really touching for me to hear her excitement and to share the joy of baptism with her. She really showed the Lord she was willing to do His will and I know He will give her the blessings she needs in her life as a mother with three kids and a great love for the gospel and the Lord. 

We also had transfers this Sunday, I will be staying one more round with Sister Z. We are excited to continue the work here, and to find those ready for the joy and blessings of the gospel.

Thanks for all of your support and love. You are all so important to me. Have a wonderful week!!!!

Sister Goss

Monday, April 20, 2015

P-Day at the Beach

Some paintings on a bar wall

The Beach

This week is super short. Sorry.

I got bronchitis this week so it was hard not being able to go out for a few days. But now I'm better and working to make up for those days. We still had a couple investigators at chruch even though we didn't pass by them this week. That was a real blessing for us.

This pday we went to this place in the city that overlooks the beach. It was sweet. I'll send pics.

I love all of you sooooo darn much. Keep up the great work wherever you are and know that I love you.

Stay awsome.

Sister Goss

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Why, What, How"

Member family that I love!!!!

Me and my goodies


At the begining fo the week we went to Praia for Leadership Council. We had some really great direction given by our President and his wife. We were given trainings on the commandments, attributes of Christ and our language studies. Sister Mathews made a  wonderful training for us instructing us on how Preach my Gospel is close to scripture because it was writen by our prophet and the apostles. The resoration is the base we give the investigator, the plan of salvation is the "why" for everything, the gospel of Christ is the "what" and the commandments are the "how". It was great and I learned so much.
This week we have been doing our best to teach simply shortly and with scriptures for power. We have had some wonderful lessons with a great spirit. We were teaching one of our recent converts who has had some issues with one of the commandments. But we really focussed on repentance, plan of salvation and atonement. The spirit was so strong and we all started crying a bit. I love those whom I serve and I can't wait to continue serving in this work.
Mom, thanks soooo much for the package. You are just the best!!! Sophie, I loved the pictures you drew as well!!! Dad, kimball, garrett, you guys rock! I love you all and hope the week is great!
Sister Goss

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Sunday

 Taylor and her companion
Recent Baptism
Dress she had made by a Local

Alright I have very limited time today to write because we arrived on the island of Santiago this morning for our leadership conference. Its been a busy day. 

This week was just another week full of work and blessings. We have been finding a lot of new investigators with I. and he has been asking a lot about the temple, when he can go, and continues to invite everyone he knows to church. Bless his heart. He has a lot of friends who have come to sit with us and have mentioned to us that they want a change in their life, that they want to become closer with God.

I love the work here even after being in the same area for five transfers. I love how the Lord just saves perfect investigators for you if you are obedient and doing your part. I have a testimony of if we open our mouth and testify to all we meet the Lord will bless us with those who need the gospel.
The mission goes by so fast. I just want to leave everything I got out here. I love the Lord and I know that His son Jesus Christ is our Savior. That he was resurrected on this Easter Sunday to fullfill the greatest act of love ever performed on the earth. If we find our faith in Christ we will realize how merciful and perfect this gospel really is. I love my Savior and this chance to serve Him on the mission. I have so much love for all of you and hope that this week will be one full of love, and success! 

Sister Goss
Our baptisms and Easter!!!!