Monday, March 30, 2015

Two baptisms and a close call with a "Crazy Dog"

This week has been a challange. We got two new sisters here and one was supposed to go to brava but the boat broke down in Praia so we are in a tripla for the next month. A little diff. but we will make it work. This week C and I got baptized and we are so happy for them! They have both really changed their lives around and now feel like different men. They both love the book of mormon and are excited to keep moving forward.

This week I almost got bit by a crazy dog. It was quite the scare but I only felt it's teeth brush against my leg, after that other people began to throw rocks at it so it ran off. Good thing we make friends on every street. That will be marked up as the scariest thing that has happened to me on the mission. Thank goodness the Lord looks out for us. 

It has become really hot here in Fogo, the sun is finally coming out and geez is it strong. I think I turned from white to completely tan in a couple of days. No sunburns though. Yay!!!! 

Im so excited for general conf! We wont be watching until the week after but we are all still realy excited. The words of the prophets are always the best! Make sure you all take a good question to conf to be answered. It'll happpen. 

Well I love you all and I hope you all are doing really well back a  home. I love you all so much!!!!! keep doing those little things to keep your testimony strong. Scripture of the week D&C 50:44. Super good. 

 Sister Goss


  1. Sister Gross, I don't know if you actually check the comments on your blog or if your family does. I found your blog link on In 1998 I had a mission companion from Fogo. Her name is Aguinalda Correira. If you ever run into her (I know, it's crazy hard/impossible to track people down in Cabo), would you please let me know if there is a way to contact her. My email address is I'd also love to know if there's a way to help out. I remember teaching new mothers who brought their babies home from the hospital without clothing to dress them in. If you know of an organization, or if the mission collects donations, I'd love to organize a project, or do anything else. Thank you so much! Danielle Bruening (Sister Stewart)

    1. I will forward the info to Sister Goss. Thanks!