Monday, March 30, 2015

Two baptisms and a close call with a "Crazy Dog"

This week has been a challange. We got two new sisters here and one was supposed to go to brava but the boat broke down in Praia so we are in a tripla for the next month. A little diff. but we will make it work. This week C and I got baptized and we are so happy for them! They have both really changed their lives around and now feel like different men. They both love the book of mormon and are excited to keep moving forward.

This week I almost got bit by a crazy dog. It was quite the scare but I only felt it's teeth brush against my leg, after that other people began to throw rocks at it so it ran off. Good thing we make friends on every street. That will be marked up as the scariest thing that has happened to me on the mission. Thank goodness the Lord looks out for us. 

It has become really hot here in Fogo, the sun is finally coming out and geez is it strong. I think I turned from white to completely tan in a couple of days. No sunburns though. Yay!!!! 

Im so excited for general conf! We wont be watching until the week after but we are all still realy excited. The words of the prophets are always the best! Make sure you all take a good question to conf to be answered. It'll happpen. 

Well I love you all and I hope you all are doing really well back a  home. I love you all so much!!!!! keep doing those little things to keep your testimony strong. Scripture of the week D&C 50:44. Super good. 

 Sister Goss

Monday, March 23, 2015

Step by Step

Ok, I am so sorry I have been such a slacker lately on the emails but last week I had 20 minutes to email everyone, president, and all that jazz because of transfers. 

But this week has just been another great blessing from the Lord. We have been blessed with two baptsims this week. I and C. They have both shown wonerful progress in the last couple of weeks we have taught them. They are both very excited for baptsim and have really shown their desire to make this covenant with God. 

We have also had a lot of mircles in our ward. Many less actives have come back to church thanks to visits from other members. 

Many this week have also accepted the invites we have given them whether it be baptism, coming to church or just to do the little things. I have noticed that the hearts of many are more open to the truths of the gospel. I am so grateful for the small and simple things we have in the church. Scriptures, prayers, and making/renewing covenants. Step by step we learn to become more like God. Nothing is too small or too big when it comes to obedience to the commandments.

One of the crazy things that went on this week is that we had to take one of the sisters to the port to go to Brava by boat. We got there at 7:30pm like the ticket told us to but ended up staying until 11:00pm at night until the boat actually pulled in. Patience is a virtue. But she got there safe and sound and that's what matters. 

Well I love you all. I hope that this week is a really great one for every single one of you. 

With lots of love,
Sister Goss

Monday, March 16, 2015

Short and Sweet

This Week
Hey sorry all but today was transfers and it is hectic! I will be staying in Fogo, Sao Filipe but I now have a new comp Sister Z. She is from Provo and is on her 7th transfer! We are so excited to serve here together and it will be a great month and a half.
I love you all so much. Thanks so much for the pictures and all of the notes and I'm sorry I don't have enough time to respond to it all today. Maybe next week.
Have a great week! 
Sister Goss

Last week
Hey mom sorry today we are in Praia and its super crazy so I wont send a weekly. Know that I am super good, a little stressed, but doing great. We had a baptism this week, W. He is the son of N. who baptised last month so now their whole fam can prepare for the temple!!!! So happy for them.
I Love you so much,
Sis Goss

Monday, March 9, 2015

Time Flies

Our District at Zone Meeting

Wow, so this week was a super great one! 

We had an investigator named M. get baptized! She had been preparing a long time for that and when the day finally came she was so excited. After she was baptized I went over to ask her how it was and she told me she wanted to do it again! Haha! She is soo cute. She has been through a lot but she loves the gospel and is excited to continue in the path of the Lord. She has a light about her now and she is always smilingand for that I love how this gospel always makes poeple happy. It is so much better thatn what the world has to offer. 

Sister Barbosa and I have also been trying doing 10 street contacts daily, 3 lessons with a member, and at least one invited to be baptized everyday. Even if you invite those contacts you meet on the street. It has been our way of showing the Lord we are willing to put more faith and trust in Him in helping us find people who are prepared. 

We also had our zone meeting this week which was amazing. We talked a lot about faith and how each companionship will be able to have 2 baptisms this week if we use this faith that we are capable of showing. Over all we are super excited for the month of March . Transferes are this next week so we will see if I will stay in Fogo making my fifth transfer in Sao Filipe. We have about 9 sisters coming in this next week and so many of the sisters on the mission will be training, I'm excited to see what happens. Sister Barbosa will have one more transfer this up comeing Sunday. But she is still working hard as ever, a great example to me. 

I can hardly believe how time goes by so quickly but I am excited to do my part here in Cape Verde and in this mission. I love you all so much. You have all helped me get to this point in my life and I am grateful to each and every one of you! I hope the week goes well!

With lots of love,
Sister Goss