Monday, February 9, 2015

How to Build an Unshakeable Testimony

So this past week we had leadership conference and then our zone meeting. It was so amazing! The focus for this month is ch 1and 2 of PMG and the Second Lesson - The Plan of Salvation.
In zone meeting we were asked to give a training on ch 1. It was so much fun studing about the chapter and really trying to pick the doctrine out of it. I learned a lot about how we have all been called, not on earth but in the pre mortal life, to fullfill a special calling here in this life. Some of these purposes are to find and baptize, others are to resucue those who have found the path but lost it agian, and some purposes are to touch the hearts that are already in the path of righteousness but just to help strengthen their testimonies. A successful missionary isn't always the one that baptizes the most, but the missionary that is willing to give his or her all to the Lord during those months of service. The missionary that feels the spirit working through them should know that the Lord is happy with them.
Yesterday we taught a couple of lessons and I was on divisions with two younger missionaries. We headed off to one of the lessons we had marked which was a contact we made on the street earlier in the week. When we got there to talk with the woman we noticed she had two teens so we invited them to sit with us. Later her third child entered the room with a bible to sit down and to talk. As soon as we hit the part about Joseph Smith they were throwing questions left and right. The mother was a strong JW and the kids were strong Advantists. Both were firing scriptures at us and questioning what we believed about Joseph Smith and the BoM. We hardly had time to talk between it all. Finally we just bore our testimonies of what we knew to be true and ended with a prayer.
Before the mission I would have been terrified of that situation, worrying that it might shake my testimony. But now it's different. That didn't shake me in the least about what I believe because I have built myself upon the rock of Christ. I was only sadened that they weren't willing to really see to really listen to what we had to say, to recieve the truth of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.
I am grateful for hard things. I don't ask for them, but when they come I know that by overcoming them with my Savior I can become better, stronger, and happier.
I love you all. If any of you have a doubt about this gospel search the scriptures and pray. So many people can lie and deceive so let us trust in the One that knows all things and who sends all truth. He will make these things known unto us if we do our part and show our willingness to follow the answer we recieve.
Sister Goss

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