Saturday, February 7, 2015

1 Baptim, 1 Crazy Guy, and 1 Clean Dog


We had a week full of blessings from the Lord. We had a Baptism, N. (I spelled her name wrong in that last email)! And  the Bishop from Cova Figueira and his family came to see it because they are good friends. It was great to see them.  

N and Z were soo happy together. We are now working with her son so that the whole family can enjoy the blessings of he gospel.

I'll send pictures next week.

We had interviews with President Mathews and it was great! We love him and SIster Mathews so much. 

We also had a crazy man follow us around yelling "Trinity! Think about that!" Haha, he will probably be a member someday teaching about God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost and how he testifies of them and how they are one in purpose  ;) 

We also washed clothes by hand a couple of times this week. What a workout! Still sore from that one. Also washed the dog after the clothes.

Sorrry so short this week, but I love you alll so much!
SIser Goss

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