Monday, February 23, 2015

Eel for Dinner YUM! YUM!

Fogo Sisters Zone Pic

 Eel at the market

 AH.... It Really grossed me out at the beginning...

Actually really good. Just fry it up.

 Baby goat and "hot dogs" made with pig intestine. Just the norm here. YUM

 Our Valentines Day "dinner" (noodles with butter - I know. Kind of gross, but its soo good)

Ok this week was wonderful. We have two baptisms this week which we are super excited for. First is the son of N. He has shown a lot of change and faith these past couple of weeks. We are very excited for this family. His parents are working on saving up to go to the temple together. I can't wait for them to go as a family! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lost and Found

First of all this is the address for letters. I had been giving out another address but this one will be quicker if you mail a letter. 

SIster Taylor Goss
Cape Verde Praia Mission
Caixa Postal 420
Praia, Ilha Santiago Cape Verde
West Africa

This week was a pretty normal one. We tried to really focus on our studies as a companionship this week to help improve our understanding to allow the spirit to work with us even more. It was really interesting how much you can learn when you are studying for other people, for their needs and beliefs. 

I learned a lot from the New Testament about the Church of Christ and how in these latter days we really do have the exact same church of Jesus Christ. Not created by man but divinely restored in its fullness here on the earth by holy messengers of our Heavenly Father.

We have been trying to contact families more this week as well and have found a few really great families with the willingness to hear our message. We currently found a lady that I taught with Sister L. 3 transfers ago. She since then has moved houses and now lives alone with her three children. Miraculously we found her while searching for another person and we had the chance to talk to her. She remembered a bit about what we taught and so we reviewed the first lesson again. She accepted to do everything and even to be baptized  this next week. I was so grateful that Heavenly Father guided us back to her after those many months.

I know that true scripture study leads to spiritual confirmation and a surety of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love this gospel. I know it to be true. 

I love all of you and wish youall the best week!

Love Sister Goss

Monday, February 9, 2015

How to Build an Unshakeable Testimony

So this past week we had leadership conference and then our zone meeting. It was so amazing! The focus for this month is ch 1and 2 of PMG and the Second Lesson - The Plan of Salvation.
In zone meeting we were asked to give a training on ch 1. It was so much fun studing about the chapter and really trying to pick the doctrine out of it. I learned a lot about how we have all been called, not on earth but in the pre mortal life, to fullfill a special calling here in this life. Some of these purposes are to find and baptize, others are to resucue those who have found the path but lost it agian, and some purposes are to touch the hearts that are already in the path of righteousness but just to help strengthen their testimonies. A successful missionary isn't always the one that baptizes the most, but the missionary that is willing to give his or her all to the Lord during those months of service. The missionary that feels the spirit working through them should know that the Lord is happy with them.
Yesterday we taught a couple of lessons and I was on divisions with two younger missionaries. We headed off to one of the lessons we had marked which was a contact we made on the street earlier in the week. When we got there to talk with the woman we noticed she had two teens so we invited them to sit with us. Later her third child entered the room with a bible to sit down and to talk. As soon as we hit the part about Joseph Smith they were throwing questions left and right. The mother was a strong JW and the kids were strong Advantists. Both were firing scriptures at us and questioning what we believed about Joseph Smith and the BoM. We hardly had time to talk between it all. Finally we just bore our testimonies of what we knew to be true and ended with a prayer.
Before the mission I would have been terrified of that situation, worrying that it might shake my testimony. But now it's different. That didn't shake me in the least about what I believe because I have built myself upon the rock of Christ. I was only sadened that they weren't willing to really see to really listen to what we had to say, to recieve the truth of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.
I am grateful for hard things. I don't ask for them, but when they come I know that by overcoming them with my Savior I can become better, stronger, and happier.
I love you all. If any of you have a doubt about this gospel search the scriptures and pray. So many people can lie and deceive so let us trust in the One that knows all things and who sends all truth. He will make these things known unto us if we do our part and show our willingness to follow the answer we recieve.
Sister Goss

Saturday, February 7, 2015

1 Baptim, 1 Crazy Guy, and 1 Clean Dog


We had a week full of blessings from the Lord. We had a Baptism, N. (I spelled her name wrong in that last email)! And  the Bishop from Cova Figueira and his family came to see it because they are good friends. It was great to see them.  

N and Z were soo happy together. We are now working with her son so that the whole family can enjoy the blessings of he gospel.

I'll send pictures next week.

We had interviews with President Mathews and it was great! We love him and SIster Mathews so much. 

We also had a crazy man follow us around yelling "Trinity! Think about that!" Haha, he will probably be a member someday teaching about God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost and how he testifies of them and how they are one in purpose  ;) 

We also washed clothes by hand a couple of times this week. What a workout! Still sore from that one. Also washed the dog after the clothes.

Sorrry so short this week, but I love you alll so much!
SIser Goss

Hooray for a Baptism!

Ok I'm am soo sorry this is going to be a short email.

This week was amazing. We went to the other side of the island to do divisions and it is where the big volcano is. There are HUGE streams of black rock that go from the top of the volcano until the ocean. Where there is no rock there are the greenest of plants. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was amazing. 

The divisions went super well and we got to go out to the countryside of Fogo and visited some really sweet poeple who were prepared for the gospel. 

This week the most inspiring thing that happened was with one of our investigators N.. N. is married to Z. and they have two kids W. and W. Z. is the only member in the family but a faithful member and a great Young Mens President. N. had been to church many times but she still hadn't wanted to get baptized. We had started passing by and talking with her about what her doubts were and why she liked the church so much. She finally opened up to us and told us that she liked the Catholic church because it was were she grew up and her parents were part of that church but she also felt so good in the church of Jesus Christ. She was just confused on what she should do. 

We told her to read the book of Mormon and to pray to find her answer, because God would answer her prayers. If she really wanted the truth it would come to her. So she agreed and we continued to go by and to just read the BoM with her. One day when we read about the brother of Jared and the boats she got really excited. She asked if we could come by everyday to read and study with her. We smiled and said we would continue to pass. 

On Sunday night we went by and asked her how she was feeling. She explained that she had been praying everyday very diligently but she had not been reading the BOM. She said that everytime she read the BOM or when we passed by she had the will and desire to be Baptized but when she wouldn't read the desire faded and she became confused again. We read some of the parts in the last chapter of Moroni explaining that the book was written so that we could believe in a Christ and in the Church of Jesus Christ. She sat there thinking about the scripture and we could tell the spirit was working with her. Then Sister B. asked what her goals or dreams were in life. She told us to live happily with her family for eternity. We then asked if she was learning that when she went to church every sunday with Z. She said yes and THEN we popped the question. If she wanted to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She paused and then as if relieved of some burden she firmly stated "yes, I've already decided. I will be baptized. What time will it be held?" I felt the happiness and love of God so strongly after she spoke those words.For a moment Sister B. and I just cried. Finally we said whatever time she wanted.  Z. had a huge smile on his face and N. just laughed.

I am so grateful for all of the many miracles we have in life. Big and small. I know families can be together forever because of the power of the priesthood and that in this chruch we have all of the truths of the gospel. 

Have a great week!
Sister Goss 

short and sweet

Sorry this week is short. I had to write president how divisions were in brava this last week. Took up a lot of time. 
I'm sending letters and photos next week!
Love you
Sister Goss