Monday, January 5, 2015

New mailing address for letters!!

Soooo I just found out that in addition to the pouch address which is rather complicated, you can also mail letters to the mission home!!

I know Sister Goss would love a few written letters.  Hooray for letters to the mission home address!

Sister Taylor Nicole Goss
Cape Verde Praia Mission
Caixa Postal 420
Praia, Iihade Santiago
Cape Verde
West Africa

Taylor's Letter this week:

! I didn't even know we had an address for the mission home. What is it!!??? I've been sending all my friends my pouch mail address.  Hahaa, shoot. 

Well for new years here everyone just parties until they drop. Seriously. We had music play from 8 at night until we woke up at 6:30am. Also here the party isn't just new years. It is until kings day on the 6th of January. Dang, these cape verdians do like them parties.

New Years was pretty much a normal day for us. Just extra goal setting sessions. It was weired setting goals this year. Half of them will be for the msision and the other half will be for...home.... WEIRED! Ill be home in six months mom. SIx months. Um I'm just going to try and forget that until I'm on the plane ride home. Too many emotions and stress. But I do have a question. When do I need to register for classes for BYU? Is that spring or summer? Ai. This is giving me butterflies... so... chang of subject - How is the house coming along? Any changes besides the new shutters outside? Are the kids still enjoying thier candy stash and christmas presents? I didnt ask but what did you get for Christmas? 

Also maybe the reason I havent been getting any letters is because we both have been giving people a pouch address ;) Haha whoops!

Love you!
Sister Goss

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