Monday, January 5, 2015


Alright well I have been all over cape verde this week. SO sorry if my email is a little all over the place.

Sao Vicente had been amazing and we love the people there so much. We did a visit to a less active 30 minutes away in the middle of nowhere. Welll actually it was next door to a pig farm so that was encouraging, but she is a wonderful member who was married and baptized but her husband ditched his baptism and has been abusing her. We had a really great lesson on how God will help those who keep to the faith and continue to do what is right. She was very grateful for our visit and told us that she would come to the activites and church. She has such a wonderful testimony of the truth and wont trade it for anything. 

Aright so earlier in the week we were in a tripla with Sis G because she was waiting for a mini missionary to come and be with her. But then we got a call at 10pm from president on Thursday and he told us we would be leaving at 5:45am the next day for Praia...geez. So packed up all of our stuff and got a few moments of sleep and headed to the airport and to Praia. 

When we arived  we headed to the sisters house to rest and the APs picked us up to go catch the boat. When we got to the port ALL of the tickets were sold out. So you know what we did? We walked right on out there to the boat with money and we started asking if we could just stand and let all of the passengers with tickets sit in their seats. It probably would have worked but 20 other people had the same idea. So we didn't get on that day. SO the next day rolls around and we try the same thing (we are just tryign to get there before Christmas). And they don't let us on. The third day the assistants went to the office of the boat and talked to one of the workers and they let us buy tickets for Tuesday. YAY!!!! So I will be spending Christmas in my own area, with all of the members! 

Also this transfer President sent two Elders to Ponto Verde to make it an area, so that was very exciting for us but now it isn't part of our area. We willl miss the people there but we are excited for them to get their own meetings and things like that. 

We now have the area of Sao Filipe 2 all to ourselves...its so huge but we are very excited to work there again.

I hope you all have a very very Merry Christmas!!!!! I love you alll so much.

Sister Goss

Alright so earlier in the week we finally got to Sao Filipe and oh how happy we were. We passed a wonderful Christmas together singing and talking to everyone we passed. After each song we gave away a pass along card with Christ on it and asked them to remember the true gift of Christmas. It was wonderful talking to people during that time. Then we got so skype family which is always wonderful. It was fun seeing the reaction of my comp seeing her family for the last time before she goes home. She has been a wonderful example to me and has taught me soo much.  

This week we have made a lot of plans to teach all of the Recent Converts of this year. Our President gave us a list of everyone baptized in our area this year, with these people we will be teaching alll of the lessons again. We have 89 Recent Converts and we will be trying to teach at least half of them everything by the end of January. Half of those would be 177 lessons. It is a lot of work but we are willing to do what it takes.

We have been seeing a lot of miracles during the season of Christmas with people being more open to the gospel and wanting to make a change in their lives for this new year. We have met quite a few people who are so ready to receive the truth. 

As for us and the new year; Sister B and I have been making goals as to what we want to accomplish in these next 12 months. I am so excite to have a new year to be a little bit better. I love you all!

SIster Goss

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