Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Last Week in Cape Verde

Eesh. Already Monday again. 

This week was great. But let me start off with last week since I didnt have much time to explain last monday. We went on over to Fogo on the boat at the end of the week. We almost all fed the fish... but we had a special training given by Pres Mathews and his wife. Wow. It was based on how we are to become desciples for life. Not just for these 18 or 24 months. It had me crying, I think eveyone thought I was going a little cray cray. 
They showed a clip from a talk Elder Holland gave at the MTC where he talks about the story of when the descipels, after Christ had died, went back to thier fishing nets. WHile they fished the Savior called to them from the shore telling them to cast the nets on the other side of the boat seeing that they hadnt had any succuss that day. As they did as told and caught a net full of fish they realized that it was Jesus who had called to them. When they got back to the beach the scriptures tell us that Christ sat Peter down and asked him, "Peter, lovest thou me more than these?". Peter responded "Yea Lord". A second time, Jesus assedar,"lovest thou me?". A bit worried Peter said, "Yea Lord; thou knowest that I love thee". For the third and final time the Master asked, "Lovest thou me?". "Peter was grieved" and replied, "Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee". "(Then) feed my sheep" Christ stated. 

Elder Holland goes on to talk about how we are like the desciples. We are called to not just serve the Lord in our calling for a few years but we promise to follow him for life. If we go back to our nets and return to our old life we will break his heart. When we choose to follow him through the waters of baptism it wasnt just for an amount of time, it was for life. And we cannot return to our nets. I was grateful for that training. It really helped me have an even great determination to continue to follow the Savior. 

This week was a challanging one. We dropped a lot of investigators this past week and went on the hunt for those who were wanting to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had some great people marked during the week but we couldnt find them in their house. Wonderful contacts and references given. 

The mission has just been a great learning experience. Nothing easy but I am grateful the Lord gave me so many different ways to grow ;) Thank you all for your support and emails. It was so much fun to share the mission experiences with all of you. Hope to see you all really soon.

With much love,
SIster Goss

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lessons Learned at Home and Abroad

Just Africans in this house #toomuchfun!!!

Mom!!!! How are you? its been a while ;) Sounds like you got the plans. I'm so excited but still focused, no worries. It sounds like you all will be heading out to Lake Powel this week. Please enjoy a little bit of the water for me mom! Man being here in Brava I think I'm going to loose some of my tan. Its always cloudy and cold here but hey, that's what a backyard is for ;) 

I love you so much mom. I have just learned so much here. How to really cook, budget, cook cheap good meals, wash clothes by hand, how to clean and function without running water, how to teach to all kinds of levels of undrstanding, how to trust in the Lord, how to work hard and diligently through hard times, and more. This all makes me so grateful to you and dad. You both learned so much together and taught us kids the things you learned. Thank you. Really mom. Even though its really different here I have used a lot of the things you and dad have taught me to work out here. It was truly a blessing to have you and dad as my partents. I can't wait to thank you more in person.

I hope the family is well and that everyone is busy with the summertime activities. I cant wait to spend more time wiht you all.  Here are some pics of brava, sis cibambi (from the congo), sis machate (my comp from mosambique) and me. 

Love you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life in the Clouds

Wow what a week.

I dont have much time because of some internet problems that we have been having but it has been so crazy serving here already. I don't know if the rest of the world is in festa mode right now but there are crazy parites going on for the saints this month. Lots of contacts but little lessons with investigators. 

We have a pretty large area with lots of hills and the houses are really spread out but hey, makes for some great exercise. Brava is known for its flowers and plants. We basically are so high up that we live in the clouds so there are always clouds blowing through the area, with all the plants and flowers its really quite beautiful. I'll try and get some pictures and send them next week.  

We are really trying to focus on the book of mormon because this is a small place and many fo the people here have  a hard time leaving thier comfort zone. We are hoping that the power of the words and spirit of the stories can really help these people act and do somoething a little different than what they are used to. 

There are some really great members here that really keep this branch going and it has been a great pleasure to talk and meet with them. The Sisters here are just amazing. Sister M has such a wonderful spirit about her and I know that she will really be wonderful help to the work of the Lord. She only is on her third transfer but wow, spiritually she really has it going. 

I will have some stories for next week but I hope you all are well and warm. It's so cold up in these clouds. 

Sister Goss



Brava was discovered in 1462 by the Portuguese and the first settlement was founded in 1573. The slave trade was common in Cidade Velha. In 1680, the inhabitants fled from the nearby larger island of Fogo after its volcano erupted and lava began to flow and to devastate that island. In the 17th and the 18th centuries, pirates raided the bays of the island and continued until the 19th century when whaling was common from the ships of Europe and North AmericaEmigration began as American whale ships sailed people from Brava to the northeastern part of North America, especially along the Eastern Seaboard. Most of the immigrants from Brava settled in Boston, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island and New Bedford, Massachusetts.


Practically the whole island is a stratovolcano. It lies in the lee of the enormous Fogo volcano. Volcanic activity on the island has been mainly located along three sets of lineaments, which all intersect at the crest of ground that forms the highest part of the island. Brava has no documented historical eruptions, but its youthful volcanic morphology and the fact that earthquake swarms still occur indicate the potential for future eruptions.
The island's main town is Vila Nova Sintra. The island has schools, a lyceum, a gymnasia, churches, and a square (praça) in honour of the famous musician Eugénio Tavares.
All of the five villages lie north of the mountaintop, which has four main roads including Furna - Vila Nova Sintra and Fajã de Agua and south to Nossa Senhora do Monte and slightly south of the mountaintop. The two large islands north of Brava are uninhabited. The mountain valleys dominate the south, the east and the west. The north has a few valleys.
Precipitation arrives from the trade wind clouds. The island is covered with a leeward cloud so that evaporation is reduced and the vegetation is more abundant. Key inhabited places include the village of Vila Nova Sintra. The village of Furna has a commercial port.


Being highly mountainous this island has quite diverse climate. Brava island has moderate tropical climate (As according to Köppen–Geiger climate classification system) along the coast and semi-arid mild tropical climate Bsh with very balanced temperatures year round in the interior. The average annual temperature on the coast is about 23-23–25 °C (73–77 °F), decreasing to some 17–20 °C (63–68 °F) in the mountains. There can be remarkably cool weather with warmer wet season starting in June and ending in November with colder dry season starting in December and ending in May.



As of 1832, the population was estimated at 8,000.[1]

Population of Brava, Cape Verde (1940—2010)


The main economy of the island is agricultural, related to irrigation and fishing (the island's main production). Trading and private households depend on income from Cape Verdean residents from North America. Brava never had a lot of tourism.  The island is unsuitable for beach tourism because the steep shoreline allows few beaches.


The airport, inaugurated in 1992, was closed because of the strong winds. The airline service ended in 2004.
Until recently, there was a daily ferry (an ex-fishing boat) connecting Brava and Fogo. However, since January 2011, Brava can now be reached from Praia (and Fogo) almost exclusively via the passenger/cargo ferry, the Kriola. The Kriola is the first of Cabo Verde Fast Ferry's

 fleet of inter-island catamarans and connects the Sotavento islands of SantiagoFogo, and Brava. The Kriola typically leaves Furna, its home port, at 7:30 AM on days of operation and returns between 9:30 and 11 PM, depending on the day. The route is typically BRAVA-FOGO-SANTIAGO-FOGO-BRAVA, but at least one day a week it makes a BRAVA-FOGO-BRAVA run. Travel time between Brava and Fogo is approximately 0:40 and approximately 3:30 between Fogo and Santiago (Praia).
The main harbour of Brava is Furna, on the east coast of the island. Buses and taxis are common, especially when the Kriola arrives in port.
On Brava you can reach the villages by "Aluguer" bus. There is no fixed schedule, as the aluguers wait until enough passengers have come before leaving. A few taxis are available as well.

Notable residents

Brava's most famous son is the musician Eugénio Tavares; he used the traditional morna and wrote in Cape Verdean Creole. A statue dedicated to Eugénio Tavares is in the main square of Vila Nova Sintra and is encircled with a beautiful garden with trees, sunflowers, flowers, grass and other types of plants. Other notable persons include Hermano da Pina and Armando da Pina who live on the Eastern Seaboard and whose parents were from Brava and Sandra Orlando (née Fernandez das Neves).

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fruits of Our Labors - Last Transfer

Last Leadership Council

ZL's new best friend we found walking home from zone meeting

 Childrens' Day in praia

Transfers were yesterday and I was released as STL and will now be serving my last transfer in Brava (aka Wild). Sister Machate from Mozambique will be my comp and killer (last comp)  So I'll be leaving FIre (fogo) to serve in Wild (brava). Kinda fun :) Overall I am super excited to serve there and to continue the work that the Lord  has for us. It is a lot cooler in Brava with a much higher elevation. The "city" of Brava is called Vila (Village). Its a pretty tiny island. 

Earlier this week we went to our leadership council and got some great inspiration for our zone. It is always uplifting to be together as leadership and to discuss how we can improve as a mission.  One of the big focusses was on helping people really understand that they are children of God. And showing that they have personal worth and hope for something more than what the world can give them. The First lesson of the Restoration is a way for them to really come to know that we are children of God and he wants to talk with us. He has already spoken to people in the past, He speaks to them now, and he can speak to you and me. Through the Book of Mormon and prayer we can really come to build a relationship with our Father in Heaven to know for ourselves that He and His Son live today and are guiding us through Their chosen prophets. It was a great council and zone meeting.

This week was a lot of fun. I feel like everything that we have been working for finally came all together in this last week. Progressing investigators at church, lots of people accepting dates, and the ward is just becoming more and more supportave. I feel really blessed to have spent five transfers here with these people. They are so special to me and I feel like many of them have been my family for the last seven months. What a privalage it has been.

 I can't wait for more opportunities in Brava to serve and to work for the Lord. 

With lots of love,
Sister Goss

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week Full of Blessings & The Parable of the Sower

This week went super well! 

We reached all but two of our key indicator goals this week which was just a huge blessing from the Lord. We have been stuggling a lot these past few weeks getting investigators and lessons. We kept studying to better ourselves and to keep making little changes to our work and personal habits. This went on for about 5 weeks, this week I felt like God just poured out the blessings. We recieved a lot of contacts this weeek from members and they passed by almost all of our investigators for church and are very supportive in teaching with us now. We focused a lot on training members so that we could help the work go forward with more ease and it has really been paying off. 

We taught a man who months ago called us from a distance while we were walking home one night. He asked if we would help him stop drinking because he needed to and so we marked for a day to come back and teach him. He never ended up being at home but we left a Book of Mormon for him to start reading. Turns out he had been working a lot and had been reading the Book of Mormon. When we finally found him a while later, he told us he hadn't drunk since he started reading and that he really wanted to change his life for good. He came to chruch for the first time this last week and loved it so much. He was going to go to an activity later that sunday. We are really excited for him and our testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon has really grown.

Our President said something interesting a while ago. He said we can't prove this church right or wrong with the bible, that's why we have the Book of Mormon and that's why we give it out to strangers in the streets and people we teach for the first time. It is the proof of everything. The key tool to know the truth, and the driving force to strengthen us and give us guidence. In my mind I just kept saying "Amen" "Amen" ;) Haha I love the scriptures and especially the Book of Mormon. I hope that we can all read it with purpose everyday to recieve the words that God  needs us to hear that day. 

I hope the week goes well!!! Love you all
Sis Goss

I asked for Taylor's feedback on a talk that will be used at girl's camp this next week.  I thought her response was worth sharing and I have also included a link to the talk.

It is a great one and I would recommend reading it!

Taylor's response:

So I printed out that talk and I've been studying it a lot this week. Actually we are giving a training on the heart and personal revelation this next week all because this talk really helped us out. 

So as I was reading I was trying to keep in mind that you want to let the girls realize where thier hearts are. So I tried to remember that throughout. 

I loved the three parts he speaks about. These include all those who have accepted the gospel (all of us). The Rocky ground, Thorns, and brought forth fruit. For me I noticed the pattern of how the word is always mentioned subtly . These three grounds depend on how we accept "the word". Mom, "the word" isn't just hearing stuff in church or it being taught to you. It's personal revelation. Personal study and prayer to know, accept and act on the word is what will give these girls good ground for thier testimony, and more importantly conversion, to really take off. 

1. Rocky ground - those who like to hear talks and go to church but never really have thier own personal revelation. Just the revelation of other people. This will help thier plant grow but the roots will never grow deep or strong if they don't do thier own personal revelation activities.  He says to be "regular in it's practices". Meaningful daily scripture study and prayer is daily communication with God, and daily communication with God makes a relationship with him and having a relationship with him creates strong conversion. 

2. Thorns - these are those who get personal revelation but never really do anything with it so other things become more important and choke out the personal revelation. "We are all tempted with this" he says and then further explains that nothing should be put before you and your relationship with God.

3. The good ground  - These are those who learn to really recieve this communication and to put it into practice. These are those who learn for themselves, who act and not react, those who are strongly rooted in the gospel. Personl revelation (talking with God daily) will show you excactly where you are, where you need to be and how you need to get there. 

Mom, I know that if these girls learned, really learned how to pray and study with meaning they would have this relationship with God. They would do things by themselves because their testimony isn't based on other people, how well the teacher teeaches, but on what they have learned on thier own. If I knew this before the mission I could have been so much more prepared, more self sufficient. I could have progressed faster.  But I hope that they can learn from us old folk and make the decision early to create the relationship with God through prayer (we speak with Him) and real scripture study (He speaks with us). Can  Look in PMG for study tips.

Love you! TIme will fly these next couple weeks.....ai. 

SIs Goss 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Taylor's Favorite Lesson to teach is.........

 Pics of Choir for stake conf 

Pinha (the fruit they use to make Pina-Colada) super good with a bit of sugar on top


This week was another wonderful chance to serve the Lord. We had a lot of rough patches but the Lord is just building us up and helping us be better. 

About two months ago we started teaching A., someone really interested in getting baptized and she had come with her cousin to church one sunday and wanted to talk with us. We only got to talk with her once before she left on a trip to Praia for two months. But this week we found that she had come back. We went over and started talking, she told us that she  still had desire to be baptized and to follow this path. We asked if she had been reading and praying and she said that in her prayers the only answer that she was getting was a "yes" from the Lord. We were all filled with joy and started talking about the plan of salvation and what all of this could really mean for her. 
We talked about eternal families, returning back to our Father and becoming like Him. And really talked a lot about how each decision she makes can bring her closer to her Father in Heaven and to having eternal life with Him. 

The Plan of Salvation is probably my favorite lesson to teach. It really explains why we have commandments, why we have church, and why we need a Savior or to be baptized. It answers so many questions to the soul, especially the question of who God is.  He is our Father. He loves us. It is He who wants us to live up to our potential so that we can live in a state of happiness without end.  I know that God lives to show us his love and to help us become who we are designed to be.   We are meant to be like He is. I am so grateful for our oldest Brother who offered his life for us so that we would have the opportunity of success in this perfect plan. 

I know that A. felt the spirit of love. Because this plan is how He shows His love for us. If we follow and become better each day we will be worthy of living in His presence once again with the full and everlasting blessings of the gospel. A. a date for June and we are excited to help one another return to our Father in Heaven :)

I love you all so much. Really. I love you all a lot. I hope the week goes well and that you all continue to search for more understanding in the gospel of Jesus Christ this week. 

WIth lots of love,
Sister Goss

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Elder Kearon Visits for Stake and Zone Conference

Info about Elder Kearon http://www.gapages.com/kearop1.htm

Alright I'm sorry about my wimpy letters,

SO this week we had our zone conference, and stake conference. Wow they were great. We had the president of the area of europe Elder Kearon come to visit during those conferences. It was amazing to be around that man. On the Sat afternoon session he stood up to give his talk and instead of going to the pulpit he walked over to us (we were participating in chior) and asked if Sister Z and I  would bear our testimonies for a few min before he started his talk. With a shaky voice, I bore my testimony of how I knew we were all family. And as such we have the responsibility to help our brothers and sisters so that we can all return together to our Father in Heaven, who needs his children back with Him. Then sister Z bore hers of the power of the book of Mormon. Afterwards Elder Kearon spoke about having a testimony and to not stop there but to continue to become converted. It was  a powerful talk and I was grateful for every word and the spirit that he brought. 

The rest of the week went just as well with new investigators that are just amazing and who have the desire to change and follow Christ.

I am just so grateful for all of the things we learn and come to understand on the mission. It really changes you to be more like Christ, to be a little better every day. 

I love you all so oooo much. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Goss

Monday, May 11, 2015


1. Us trying to BBQ chicken sister missionary style

Family and Friends,

This week has been even more exciting. One of the sisters in the other area had to go to Praia to get some medical work done and so we have a greenie with us and we are trying to work two areas with three sisters and only seven days in the week! Pretty fun! But the Lord has blessed us with a lesson almost every hour that we are out and working. 

It was great talking to the family and Happy Mother's Day mom!!!! I love you so much!!!!

Sorry really busy. 

I love you all

I'll write a good letter next week!!!!

Love, SIster Goss

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rough Week - FROOTLOOPS#realblessingsfromtheLord


This week was a bit of a rough one for us BUT we are still enjoying the service of being a missionary!

So this week we have really been tested on our diligence and hope. This week it has felt like everything has just stopped. We have been praying, fasting, and studying so much this week to find what more we could do as a companionship for this area. It really interesting, through all of these studies and prayer we both recieved an answer to just keep going. Sometimes I feel like the Lord gives us a really good amount of time to prove what we have learned over our past experiences sometimes. We have been continually trying to better ourselves to help our investigators and to really focus on what they need. Then we ended up never finding them in thier house. But funny how the Lord works because almost everyday we found a small but tender mercy that the Lord gave us. 

Yesterday we were having a really hard time finding the people we put down as plan A, B, and C. So we sat down to plan out something else. Suddenly we had the feeling to go train a member on trying to help one of our investigators. When we got ther we found his whole family together sitting out on the street chatting. We walked up and said hello to everyone and asked if we could take a few minutes to read a scripture. They all agreed and pulled up some chairs for us. We started the lessons and we just felt prompted to talk about why we as members love to share the gospel. Turns out that some of the members sisters were not members but had been invited many times to got to church or to take lessons. They were never very interested, but as we explained why Mormons want to share their mood changed and they opened up a lot more. We then asked them if they would pray. They agreed, and then we extended the baptism invite. They told us that if they really felt that God wanted them to follow this path after praying they would baptize. The spirit was so strong. That was our last and one of the only investigator lessons we had that Sunday. But what a tender mercy. 

I know the Lord lets us go through difficult times on the mission and through life, sometimes just to help us practice what we have learned in the past and/or to learn something new. I am grateful for every moment that I have had on the mission and I know that the Lord has been here to help lead adn guide me through it all. We must trust in the Lord and what he has planned for us, no matter what, and we will become stronger in a way we never thought we could. 

I love you all!!!!!!!

SIster Goss

PS   We found frootloops here!!!!!!! #realblessingsfromtheLord

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Miracle Baptism in Brava

Brava is an island in Cape Verde. It is the smallest inhabited island, but at the same time the greenest, of Cape Verde, in the Sotavento group. First settled in the 1540s, its population grew after Mount Fogo on neighbouring Fogo erupted in 1675.

Hey everyone!!!! I hope you are all doing well. 

This week was great we got to do some divisions and had a miracle baptism!

So earlier in the week we had just felt that we were supposed to find someone to baptize for this week but we had nooo idea who it was. None the less we put down one as a goal for the week and got to work. In planning we had decided that we were going to do divisions in Brava for Thursday and friday so we need to find someone on Mon, Tue, or Wed to accept baptism and to have the interview while we were on divisions. Mon went so so. But on Tues during comp study we thought of one of our investigators who is always in chruch but is just saving up to get married at the end of May. We thought maybe she would be willing to keep the commandment before her wedding and that way she would really be able to feel the full blessings of obedience and really show true repentence. We went to talk to her later that day. The lesson went  so well. We reviewed the blessings of the commandment and asked her if she would like those in her life immediately. She told us she did and that she was willing to make special arrangements to keep the commandments.  She accepted to be baptized that Saturday, and from there we planned the interview and got everything taken care of. I was filled with gratitude and love for our Fathers mercy and blessings in our lives.  

We went to Brava the next night and we're able to call and check up with her regularly. The interview went smoothly and she called us telling us how excited she was almost to the point of tears. It was really touching for me to hear her excitement and to share the joy of baptism with her. She really showed the Lord she was willing to do His will and I know He will give her the blessings she needs in her life as a mother with three kids and a great love for the gospel and the Lord. 

We also had transfers this Sunday, I will be staying one more round with Sister Z. We are excited to continue the work here, and to find those ready for the joy and blessings of the gospel.

Thanks for all of your support and love. You are all so important to me. Have a wonderful week!!!!

Sister Goss

Monday, April 20, 2015

P-Day at the Beach

Some paintings on a bar wall

The Beach

This week is super short. Sorry.

I got bronchitis this week so it was hard not being able to go out for a few days. But now I'm better and working to make up for those days. We still had a couple investigators at chruch even though we didn't pass by them this week. That was a real blessing for us.

This pday we went to this place in the city that overlooks the beach. It was sweet. I'll send pics.

I love all of you sooooo darn much. Keep up the great work wherever you are and know that I love you.

Stay awsome.

Sister Goss

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Why, What, How"

Member family that I love!!!!

Me and my goodies


At the begining fo the week we went to Praia for Leadership Council. We had some really great direction given by our President and his wife. We were given trainings on the commandments, attributes of Christ and our language studies. Sister Mathews made a  wonderful training for us instructing us on how Preach my Gospel is close to scripture because it was writen by our prophet and the apostles. The resoration is the base we give the investigator, the plan of salvation is the "why" for everything, the gospel of Christ is the "what" and the commandments are the "how". It was great and I learned so much.
This week we have been doing our best to teach simply shortly and with scriptures for power. We have had some wonderful lessons with a great spirit. We were teaching one of our recent converts who has had some issues with one of the commandments. But we really focussed on repentance, plan of salvation and atonement. The spirit was so strong and we all started crying a bit. I love those whom I serve and I can't wait to continue serving in this work.
Mom, thanks soooo much for the package. You are just the best!!! Sophie, I loved the pictures you drew as well!!! Dad, kimball, garrett, you guys rock! I love you all and hope the week is great!
Sister Goss

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Sunday

 Taylor and her companion
Recent Baptism
Dress she had made by a Local

Alright I have very limited time today to write because we arrived on the island of Santiago this morning for our leadership conference. Its been a busy day. 

This week was just another week full of work and blessings. We have been finding a lot of new investigators with I. and he has been asking a lot about the temple, when he can go, and continues to invite everyone he knows to church. Bless his heart. He has a lot of friends who have come to sit with us and have mentioned to us that they want a change in their life, that they want to become closer with God.

I love the work here even after being in the same area for five transfers. I love how the Lord just saves perfect investigators for you if you are obedient and doing your part. I have a testimony of if we open our mouth and testify to all we meet the Lord will bless us with those who need the gospel.
The mission goes by so fast. I just want to leave everything I got out here. I love the Lord and I know that His son Jesus Christ is our Savior. That he was resurrected on this Easter Sunday to fullfill the greatest act of love ever performed on the earth. If we find our faith in Christ we will realize how merciful and perfect this gospel really is. I love my Savior and this chance to serve Him on the mission. I have so much love for all of you and hope that this week will be one full of love, and success! 

Sister Goss
Our baptisms and Easter!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Two baptisms and a close call with a "Crazy Dog"

This week has been a challange. We got two new sisters here and one was supposed to go to brava but the boat broke down in Praia so we are in a tripla for the next month. A little diff. but we will make it work. This week C and I got baptized and we are so happy for them! They have both really changed their lives around and now feel like different men. They both love the book of mormon and are excited to keep moving forward.

This week I almost got bit by a crazy dog. It was quite the scare but I only felt it's teeth brush against my leg, after that other people began to throw rocks at it so it ran off. Good thing we make friends on every street. That will be marked up as the scariest thing that has happened to me on the mission. Thank goodness the Lord looks out for us. 

It has become really hot here in Fogo, the sun is finally coming out and geez is it strong. I think I turned from white to completely tan in a couple of days. No sunburns though. Yay!!!! 

Im so excited for general conf! We wont be watching until the week after but we are all still realy excited. The words of the prophets are always the best! Make sure you all take a good question to conf to be answered. It'll happpen. 

Well I love you all and I hope you all are doing really well back a  home. I love you all so much!!!!! keep doing those little things to keep your testimony strong. Scripture of the week D&C 50:44. Super good. 

 Sister Goss

Monday, March 23, 2015

Step by Step

Ok, I am so sorry I have been such a slacker lately on the emails but last week I had 20 minutes to email everyone, president, and all that jazz because of transfers. 

But this week has just been another great blessing from the Lord. We have been blessed with two baptsims this week. I and C. They have both shown wonerful progress in the last couple of weeks we have taught them. They are both very excited for baptsim and have really shown their desire to make this covenant with God. 

We have also had a lot of mircles in our ward. Many less actives have come back to church thanks to visits from other members. 

Many this week have also accepted the invites we have given them whether it be baptism, coming to church or just to do the little things. I have noticed that the hearts of many are more open to the truths of the gospel. I am so grateful for the small and simple things we have in the church. Scriptures, prayers, and making/renewing covenants. Step by step we learn to become more like God. Nothing is too small or too big when it comes to obedience to the commandments.

One of the crazy things that went on this week is that we had to take one of the sisters to the port to go to Brava by boat. We got there at 7:30pm like the ticket told us to but ended up staying until 11:00pm at night until the boat actually pulled in. Patience is a virtue. But she got there safe and sound and that's what matters. 

Well I love you all. I hope that this week is a really great one for every single one of you. 

With lots of love,
Sister Goss

Monday, March 16, 2015

Short and Sweet

This Week
Hey sorry all but today was transfers and it is hectic! I will be staying in Fogo, Sao Filipe but I now have a new comp Sister Z. She is from Provo and is on her 7th transfer! We are so excited to serve here together and it will be a great month and a half.
I love you all so much. Thanks so much for the pictures and all of the notes and I'm sorry I don't have enough time to respond to it all today. Maybe next week.
Have a great week! 
Sister Goss

Last week
Hey mom sorry today we are in Praia and its super crazy so I wont send a weekly. Know that I am super good, a little stressed, but doing great. We had a baptism this week, W. He is the son of N. who baptised last month so now their whole fam can prepare for the temple!!!! So happy for them.
I Love you so much,
Sis Goss

Monday, March 9, 2015

Time Flies

Our District at Zone Meeting

Wow, so this week was a super great one! 

We had an investigator named M. get baptized! She had been preparing a long time for that and when the day finally came she was so excited. After she was baptized I went over to ask her how it was and she told me she wanted to do it again! Haha! She is soo cute. She has been through a lot but she loves the gospel and is excited to continue in the path of the Lord. She has a light about her now and she is always smilingand for that I love how this gospel always makes poeple happy. It is so much better thatn what the world has to offer. 

Sister Barbosa and I have also been trying doing 10 street contacts daily, 3 lessons with a member, and at least one invited to be baptized everyday. Even if you invite those contacts you meet on the street. It has been our way of showing the Lord we are willing to put more faith and trust in Him in helping us find people who are prepared. 

We also had our zone meeting this week which was amazing. We talked a lot about faith and how each companionship will be able to have 2 baptisms this week if we use this faith that we are capable of showing. Over all we are super excited for the month of March . Transferes are this next week so we will see if I will stay in Fogo making my fifth transfer in Sao Filipe. We have about 9 sisters coming in this next week and so many of the sisters on the mission will be training, I'm excited to see what happens. Sister Barbosa will have one more transfer this up comeing Sunday. But she is still working hard as ever, a great example to me. 

I can hardly believe how time goes by so quickly but I am excited to do my part here in Cape Verde and in this mission. I love you all so much. You have all helped me get to this point in my life and I am grateful to each and every one of you! I hope the week goes well!

With lots of love,
Sister Goss