Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"My Heart Will Forever be in Fogo"

So this week was another strange one. We started getting ash in the air again and it was starting to make the 
Sisters sick. So the assistants called and told us to go get some boat tickets and to ship off to Praia. Later President called and told each companionship where they would be going until the volcano settles down. SIs B. and I are going to one of the north islands called Sao Vicente. That's where my comp from the MTC is serving so I am  excited to go see her agian. The other Sisters are going to Assamada and one is staying in Praia.  President told us we will probably be going back but I think he plans to keep us in these areas for a while. 

Any ways, after the phone call, a crazy night of packing, and some cake cookies we made for the trip, we headed on down to the port. We loaded onto the Fast Ferry and began the four hour trip to Praia. During those four hours we just listened to the majority of the passengers throwing up due to the rocking of the boat. Its always a good time on the barco. 

When we got into Praia we unloaded our stuff and went to the Sisters house to eat and rest. Since then we have been doing divisions, and on Tuesday we will have our leadership conference. After the leadership conf we will head off to Sao Vicente. 

This week I have learned so much from all of the sisters we have done divisions with. They all have such wonderful strengths, I hope that I can be able to apply some of the thigns they do to help me be a better missionary. 

Also I want you ALL to enjoy the moments that you have when you have them. You never know when they will end, so make everything you do in life count. I wish I was more grateful for my last area. I already miss Fogo so much and I know that there are some really special people there. Enjoy your moments and give those around you your love. Most of the time you never know who needs it the most until after you have given it.

I will let you know how amazing leadership conf is this next week. I love alll of you so much. 

Sis Goss

Mom's Questions:
Where do you hold your baptisms?  
We have a font in the chapel in Fogo

Did you do anything special for Thanksgiving?
Man mom you would be so proud, I made chicken, potatos, cookies, juice, peas corn, and rice for our Thanksgiving as a treat for all of the SIsters. It was good but I still want to be better on flavoring chicken.

Do you have anything special planned for Christmas?
Sister Mathews has been a sweatheart and organized Chirstmas parties for everyone on all of the islands! We will be helping her in Sao Vicente.

Most interesting thing this week?
We left Fogo because of the ash.

Funny thing this week?
Sister Barbosa and I carried bags and sleeping mats on our head for a couple of blocks to the sisters house, pretending to be the banana lady who always sells bananas, shouting, "Cusao! (Cushon for sleeping) 200$ Escutos!!!" Everyone laughed as we passed by.

Powerful moment this week?
President and Sister Mathews came to our ward in Praia this week and bore thier testimonies. Sister Mathews went up and although she speaks very little port. she has the most wonderful spirit. I teared up a little as she explained that Heavenly Father and Christ live, and they love us. She has so much love when she speaks and you can just feel the love of the savior and God when she speaks. She has been like my mother here on the mission. I love Sister Mathews so much. 

I hope those were good answeres! Love you mom!!
Sis Goss

Except from letter to Dad:
The people here are soo beautiful. Mostly from the island of Fogo. I love my mission and all of my areas but in reality my heart will forever be in Fogo. I will try and send you some more pictures of the people. 

Dad, I only have five more transfers of my mission. I can't tell you how many mixed emotions come when I think about that. The mission is by far the hardest I have worked, the least amount of sleep I have gotten, and one of the most difficult things that I have ever done in my life. But I realized today that I keep going, not because it would look bad if I came home or not because I want to baptise as many people as possible; but because I love my Lord and God.I want to do his will. Even if that means talking to strangers in the street, listening to people telling you youre wrong, or hearing to people mock you for your beliefs. Its all worth it because I know my Father is happy and that I am representing my Saviors name with righteousness. That is what makes me happy. Making Him and his children happy. Men exist that they might have joy. I am helping people find happiness that will last them for eternity. Nothing gets better than that.

 I will be eternaly grateful for my mission. As I know you are as well. I am proud to be your daughter and a part of our family, and I want you to know that I am working the hardest I have ever worked to represent our family well. Our family on earth and in Heaven. I love you so much Dad, nothing will ever change that. I hope your week is a good one and that as the Christmas season comes around you will be generous to others like you always have been. Remember the Gift that was given to us at Christmas, the Savior. 

With lots of love,
Sis Goss

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