Monday, November 24, 2014

Pico do Fogo Volcano Erupts

Good afternoon! 

Here is Sister Coelho. I am serving in Cabo Verde and Sister Goss asked me to e-mail her family because the sisters in that island can't go out today. They have to stay in the house  because of the volcano eruption in the island of Fogo that happened Sunday morning. Sister Goss just wanted me to tell you that they are okay but she won't be able to e-mail you today. If you want to see informations about the eruption and it is going, there is a facebook page called  "fogo news" where they are updating and posting photos.

-Sister Coelho

 So hopefully we will hear from her next week  here is a link to an article by the bbc.  It is written in English and has some information and photos of the eruption and lava flow.

Have a great week!

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