Wednesday, November 26, 2014

News from Sao Filipe

Service that we helped with on Saturday as well. We got water for the ward members and prepared the food while they carved out the place for a foundation of a members home!

Ash is everywhere
Ok first of all I just need to say that we baptised one of the greatest people in the world this week
She is a single mom who fell in love with this gospel the moment she heard about it. She has kept all of the commandments since we taught them and she has been showing us all of her friends because she is so excited about the gospel. Even on her baptism day there were so many setbacks but she just smiled and told us that it would be a great story one day. Haha! I love her so much. 

On to the eruption.

Alright so I never thought this would happen to me while I was here in Fogo, but hey, you have to live the adventure, right?

So on Sat we were walking down the street to our other appointment in Ponta Verde and we heard this rumbling sound like a car crash far off in the distance. We both looked at eachother and thought it was a little strange but kept walking. The day went a little rough but we got everythign worked out. 

So the next day in church during sacrament meeting we hear that the volcano went back into activity. We all thought that was pretty cool until we started walking home and we felt all this fine sand blowing around in the air. There was also a sulfury smell in the air. We kept hearing that same rumbling sound from the day before. It was from the volcano. 

We walked home and closed all of our doors and windows as President Mathews called and told us that the sisters from Relva would be coming to stay with us for a few weeks. They and other Elders were being evacuated to the main cities were they could be safe from any harm.  We were finally told that the little volcano (the secondary shaft) had erupted, and lava was flowing out towards a small city. No missionaries have ever served there, so there was no worry about that. I called Sister Mathews to ask if we had any special insrtuctions and to let her know about the ash. She told us that we needed to stay indoors until further notice. So for that Sunday we spent they day together enjoying one anothers company.

 On Monday we were told that we could go out just to do email and food shopping. We printed off emails and got some food for the week, then the power went out. We were then told to stay in our house for the rest of that day. So the time indoors was spent cooking good food and talking about deep doctrine while we did what we could to tidy up the house. 

Yesterday we were allowed to go out teaching. We spent some time looking for ways we could help any of the people who were evacuated. But disappointingly they need help in other cities and we are not allowed to leave Sao Filipe. So we went out and taught people. The day went great with a lot of great lessons. When the sun went down you could see the cloud of smoke, but it had a red glow to it from the lava. Later that night I took a picture of what we could see.  

As of right now, the power goes on and off. But we are all safe and healthy. Just praying and hoping that the volcano will eventually settle down. There have been no reported deaths or injury and the lava is slow moving so thats uplifting. We also have a range of mtns. between us and the volcano so we feel really safe. Quite the story thought. 

Family, don't worry. We are literally the last city that would be hit by lava if it even got that bad. We are all well. 

I will send what pictures I can!
Love you all!

Sister Goss

Fun facts:
São Filipe (Portuguese for "Saint Philip", Cape Verdean CreoleSan Filipe  is a town on the west coast of the island of FogoCape Verde. It is the capital of the island, and the seat of the São Filipe Municipality. The island's airport, São Filipe Airport, is located on the southeastern edge of the town.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pico do Fogo Volcano Erupts

Good afternoon! 

Here is Sister Coelho. I am serving in Cabo Verde and Sister Goss asked me to e-mail her family because the sisters in that island can't go out today. They have to stay in the house  because of the volcano eruption in the island of Fogo that happened Sunday morning. Sister Goss just wanted me to tell you that they are okay but she won't be able to e-mail you today. If you want to see informations about the eruption and it is going, there is a facebook page called  "fogo news" where they are updating and posting photos.

-Sister Coelho

 So hopefully we will hear from her next week  here is a link to an article by the bbc.  It is written in English and has some information and photos of the eruption and lava flow.

Have a great week!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Two Baptisms

This week we had a lot of work just like last week. We went to ponto verde and did a lot of walking, contacting, and teaching. 

We had two baptisms this week. E and A. They both have active parents and have such a good foundation of gospel priciples. I was so impressed with their faith and testimonies. The cousin of one of them baptized them both. It was his first time baptizing. He did such a great job, although he had to do it a few times each to get it just right.

Sorry I dont have many great stories this week. 

Just know that I love you all so much. Really though. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I have learned so much on the mission so far. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and learn. Even when we have those moments or weeks that are super hard, we have the memories and the love of those we serve to motivate us to continue in faith. 

I have been studying the Book of Mormon this week. I am in Hel. 6 and I am trying to finish it before Christmas for the first time in portuguese. My love for scriptures has grown so much over these past 9 months. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are proof that this is the only true church of Jesus Christ. Just study and search with an open heart and you will be shown the truth. 

I love you all!!!!!

Sis Goss

Monday, November 10, 2014

Long & Rewarding Days

 Taylor and Sister B

 Ponto Verde District

 Helping prepared dinner in a member's home

Alright this week went by so fast but it was a great week of work. 

We went to Praia for leadership conference on Mon-Wed, which was completely wonderful. We learned so much and are so excited to work hard and to help our zone improve even more. We will be studying in chapter 8 and 9 in PMG and lesson 4 in ch 3. 

So for the rest of the week Sister B. and I have been leaving in the mornings to go to Ponto Verde to teach everyone, preparing and eating at members houses, comeing home at 6 to teach in the area close to our house and returning to the house at 9:30. It has been tiring but it has all been worth it because more and more people have been asking us about the church or telling us that they have already been taught by missionaries and now they want to be baptized. It has been blessing after blessing. 

This week 40-45 people came from Ponto Verde to church. It was so amazing seeing them all there leaning and partaking of the sacrament. Also one of the men received the Aaronic priesthood! We are trying to help that area grow as much as possible.

We had lesson with a new investigator there. We contacted her as we were passing to go to another persons house. As we sat down and talked we told her that as missionaries we help people make the changes that are needed to come closer to Christ. At first she told us she would think about it. After the first lesson she told us she would go to church and be baptized if she felt it was true. Wow. I love the mission. The spirit can just work with the people for a few minutes and they are so willing to follow after. 

Overall we are super tired but super happy.

Have a great week
Sis Goss

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sister Training Leader & Ponto Verde

This week I got called by President Mathews and he told me I would be transfered to the second ward and that I would be comps with Sister  B. (she is from portugal). We are the Sister Training Leaders of the Fogo Zone. I was shocked but super excited to have the opportunity to learn and to serve. 

The week started off with us going to the little town outside of the city called Ponto Verde. We are trying to open a group there with the Elders. So far this week we have been able to find so many prepared people who want to be baptized and who are willing to do what it takes to follow the Savior. 

Everyday we talk with someone in the Hiace ride and we find out that they want to be baptized or they have a freind who wants to be baptized... It has been incredible. We have marked 13 dates for baptism. 3 for this upcoming week and 5 for the next week (the others are further out). I have felt so blessed by the Lord this week. We have so many people to teach that we have to do divisions or we won't be able to teach everything to everyone in time. I just cannot believe how much the Lord has really prepared this little town. This sunday we had 34 people from Ponto Verde come and only 11 were members. I have just been speachless this whole week with all of the miracles that have happened. 

One of these miracles was I. She is 16 and came to church for the second time this Sunday. We pulled her out of the class to talk with her because we had heard she wanted to be baptized. As we talked she kept telling us that she loved the church and that she knew it was true. She was willing to follow the Lords example to repent and be baptized. We taught her law of chastity and the word of wisdom to help her be ready for this Saturday. She didn't have a problem with any of the commandments. We were so happy. When we bore our testimonies she began to cry. The spirit was so strong and I knew that she felt deep down inside that this really is the path of the Lord. It was wonderful. 

I love the mission so much. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father and I am so grateful for alll that they do for us. 

Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!
SIs Goss

Pics of Ponto Verde

Exactly Obedient

Alright this week hasnt been as exciting as the others, but just as uplifting.

This week Sis L. and I worked as hard as we could and we worked on being exactly obedient. It was a really great experience because although our numbers didn't change the quality and the way we were uplifted with our investigaters did change. We found that we had the spirit even stronger in our lessons, (always a blessing) and we felt that we were uplifted so much more along with our investigaters. We also had a higher frequency at church this sunday.  I feel like the Lord really blessed us this week in sooo many ways. 

We focused our studies on the third lesson and the Gospel of Jesus Christ just becomes more and more real to me everyday on the mission. Faith, repentence, Baptism/Holy Ghost, and to endure to the end. These things are so incredibly important to me. The doctrine I feel like has finaly taken root in my heart. I know I still don't know close to anything but I am just so grateful for the opportunity to learn and gain deeper knowledge of all of these priciples and doctrines.

I would challange you all to study these things this week, just to learn and to be uplifted a little more in your life. I love everything about this gospel and I will never forsake it for anything. I love my Savior and my Father in Heaven more than I have ever loved them before.

Well sorry this was a short one, but I hope you are all well and I love you all so much!

Sis Goss