Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pet Monkey Anyone?

Hello everyone!!!

This week was wonderful just like always! 

Our president and his wife came to the house for interviews and inspections this week.  Stressful but soo awesome. 

So we had a great activity at the chruch this week. It was culture night of Cabo Verde.  People made dishes, we watched native dances, and of course we had a little mini history class on what has happened in the cape verde and what it has become. It was super fun to see all the great dances and foods. It was a blast! I learned this week that the creole from Cape Verde came from the slaves that worked for the portuguese. They didnt want the portuguese to understand what they were saying and so they made up this strange mix between port, and an african language. 

This week we found 2 poeple that wanted to be taught and baptized! It was seriously a miracle. A, we met at a FHE. The whole time members would come up and tell us that she wanted to get baptized, so we marked a day to talk with her later in the week.  When we went back to her house we taught the first lesson to her and her sister. The spirit was so strong and I was super excited to ask her to be baptized. When the time came, Sis Lima asked if they recieved an answer to thier prayers.., "YES!" .... ok so will you prepare for the 8 of Nov? "Yes." Haha it was great to see the excitement in her. We are really looking forward to working with her.

The second person is I. She was a street contact that we made, and we finally found her in her home. As we sat down and began to teach and talk, she expressed how confused she was with all of the churches and she feels like all of the other churches talk about God but they arent really close to God. We encouraged and challanged her to pray and really seek the Lords help in her search for the truth. She said that if she knew it was true she would follow everything and be baptized. We were so happy walking out of that house. It was a true blessing to find her and be there to help her find what she wants. 

Overall the week was great. We are really looking forward to continue with these two and to full fill the Lords work. 

Something awesome that happened this week, we were passing by our recent converts house to go to a family night. As we walked down the road I saw this boy playing and messing around with this monkey..... so I went over to check it out. He told me that the monkey didn't bite (lies. monkeys always bite) and handed me the chain attached to the monkey. By this time my comp and ordered me to take out the camera and she took photos. It was alll super fun until the thing decided to jump up onto me. I got a little freaked out. And so it jumped backed down and tried to run away and I quickly handed the chain back to the kid. It was a little too much for me to handle. Good Memories though.

Love you all,
Sis Goss

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