Monday, October 13, 2014

Bugs Out - Flood In

Baptism this week

 Flooded balcony

Bed bug update just for mom LOL:
Don't worry we called the night we figured out that we had them. They got people over to spray and everything and durring this, my comp and I slept in a seperate room with different mats. I also went to the doctor to get medicine to make sure I didn't have anything. The bites are fading and practically gone, and I am now sleeping peacefully at night.

Weekly letter:
I love the mission. There are so many ups, downs, twists and turns but they are all worth every moment.
In the past two weeks our house has flooded in the kitchen, we had some cockroaches hanging out in the house, we had a leak in the bathroom, and just yesterday our whole house flooded with water from a pipe burst while we were watching conference. The adventure goes on.
But, this week we did have baptism! J, is a very prepared young woman. She has been talking with the missionaries for a couple weeks now but has kept all the commandments to be worthy of baptism. One day she even missed the car to pick up investigators on sunday and so she walked uphill in the hot humidity for 30 minutes just to hear conference. She is so wonderful.
We have really been focussing on the atonement with our less actives and trying to help them understand a little better the sacrifice that Christ really did for them individually. We have had some really great lessons filled with the spirit of the Lord. I have had wonderful opportunities to study and pray about the atonement and I have felt the power and truth from our Lord and Savior of how merciful He is and how much he really loves us. I hope that my testimony can be of help to others along with the Spirit. I have such a desire to help these children of God understand and feel that God really loves them and that the Son of God suffered for them. That He knows them.
We are preparing two more people for baptism. T and M. They both have the knowledge but we are trying to help them gain a testimony for themselves. They are so close to being completely ready.
So the flood story is a great one. We went up to the church to watch conference and there was no leak at all. Right after conference ended another member came running up to church telling us that water was coming out of our house. The sister training leader and I ran down to our house with our bags in our flats (everyone we passed laughed and told us good work and to keep going). As we came around the corner were our house was we saw the street below wet and water running from the balcany into the street. We ran up the stairs and what we saw first was the first picture. 2 inches of water. We threw our shoes off and went over to open our house door. As we did more water spilled out. Our WHOLE house had at least  an inch of water. The kitchen sink pipe blew and there was a stream of water pouring out onto the floor. We turned the water off and started to look around. Nothing was damaged, so we grabbed some brooms and started sweeping out all the water. It took a good 2 hours but we got it all out, and the floors were once again dry. (In the middle of all of this a man and his kid came over and took a shower in the flood run-off from the balcany. Haha! Glad we could help someone out). Ill get more pictures out next week.
Well I hope your lives were a little calmer than mine this week. I wish you all the very best! I love you!
Sister Goss

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