Monday, October 6, 2014

Bed Bugs & Back in Fogo!

I love the area and my comp who is so kind and patiente with my sketchy portugues. Even though this is the hottest area of the mission, I love it so much. All of those years playing soccer on turf in the middle of the day in summer really helped prepare me. 
We have a lot of rescue work to do here. Pretty  much everyone is less active so we have decided to work on that this month. My comp is from Brazil and has one less trasfer than me, we really like working with one another. We are good friends. 
Man when I got to the house here mom, it was super dirty. But after a week and some hard work we got the house super clean. I now am excited to come home at nights to relax. 
 P.S. I'm sorry for all the times I ever left a mess and you had to clean it up. I actually understand why you were always telling us to pick up our stuff and telling us if you clean it once do it right so that you don't have to do it again. Haha. Patience.  Our pool of investigators are great. We have a baptism ready for next week and should have two more the week after that. Things are going well here.
Love you so much mom!
Sis Goss

Letter to Dad that I wasn't supposed to read  LOL.............

FREAK!!! Kimball looks SO GOOD. The girls are going to be going at him. Watch him close dad.Watch him close.
Thanks so much for the email. I will be hearing conf next week cause of the time difference. I am super excited though. 
So I did't tell mom cause I dont want her freaking out... keep it quiet, but I deffs had bed bugs in my bed here. It is super uncomfortable with all the bites but I think we finally got rid of them yesterday. Man they are not fun.  But it will be  a great story later on. 
The ward here is great we have a lot of less actives in the ward so we are going to focus on that this month. Any tips or advice from the pro?
Thanks for the pictures and I love you so much!!!! Keep up the hard work dad. I love you!
Sis Goss

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