Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Street Contacting - Love Hate Relationship

Boa Tarde familia e amigos!
This week was another toughie. Many of the new people we contacted on the streets avoided our appointments, other lessons fell through, members decided they didn't want to come teaching with us...*sigh*...Ai. BUT, we are still determinded to find prepared investigators! Just more contacting. Contacting and I have a love hate relationship. We are slowly working things out together, hard, frustrating at times, but its worth saving the relationship. This next week we are going to do some immersion therapy. We are excited.
So this week we began preperations for I and N's wedding. Really quite exciting for us, and we have been finishing up the lessons with them. Our last lesson was by far the best with the both of them. We were reviewing Baptism, Confirmation, and enduring to the end. I asked if they were ready to make this promise between themselves and Pai Celestial. They both answered with a testimony of this gospel that was so strong I could hardly believe how far they had come. They both said they have found the true church and that they will never stray away from this gospel. That they are ready to live these principles and make covenants for the rest of their lives. I love these two so much.
Training is going well, Sister Y is progressing and is really enjoying her time here. I am so grateful for her and the opportunity to serve with her. We are both going through the struggle together and through smiles and tears I think we are growing together. Missionary work is one of the best things in this whole world. Heavenly Father will give us challanges according to our weaknesses to help strengthen them. I am so grateful for my Father and my Savior and for the love and support they give me daily. Alma 26:12.
I love you all so much! I hope the week goes well for all the missionaries, friends, and family.

Sister Goss

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