Monday, September 22, 2014

Eight Month Mark

Today is the eighth month mark. Ai. Time.
This week was a wonderful week for us. We had six new investigaters from street contacts. What a blessing. We really needed that. We are hoping and praying that one of them will be a future member.  Street contacting is slowly becoming easier....  more natural. Dad by the time I get home I hope I'm like you. (Able to strike up a conversation about the church with anyone.)
I and N now have all the lessons, and we are now just waiting on those wedding papers. They are still doing well but could use your prayers as these big events come up. Satan will be working hard on them.
As we passed by a house of a contact we saw another contact we had made a couple days before fixing the door. We went up and talking and asked if he had some time to talk. He agreed to talk after the door was fixed. So as we were waiting the owner of the home came out and was getting some fresh air. I remembered that she was a contact from three weeks ago (we passed by MANY times but she was never home). So I began making conversation with her. She kind of just looked at me and said "sit here and teach me the word of God". Don't have to ask us twice! As we began with the first lesson the guy who was fixing the door came in and THEN another contact's sister came in and decided to listen to the first vision. We gave them all booklets and the Book of Mormon. They all had some good interest. We are very excited to continue with them.
We are doing well here in the "BoBista". I love you all so much! Have a great week! 

Keep to the faith,
Sister Goss

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