Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Companion

Family and Friends,

This week was a crazy one. So to pick up my new comp Sis Turner and I had to fly out to Praia. When we got there all the greenies and thier comps were in a house. That made about 10 girls in one house. Yikes.
My new comp is Sister Y. She is 22, is from New York, has a twin sister, and I am super excited to work with her. Sister Y. pretty much already speaks the language, it has been great to see her talking so much to the people here. She has such a good start.

We did some divisions in Praia for a day, flew back to Boavista the next day, and started teaching on Saturday.

This Sunday one of our investigators, C.,  came to church. She was the one that quit coffee the moment we told her about the word of wisdom. She participated in the classes and I think she liked sacrament meeting. It was fun to see her learning.

N. and I. talked with our Branch Pres and they have decided to get married the second week of Sept!!! The folllowing Saturday they will be baptized together. Sister Yeater and I got put in charge of doing the cake and helping with decorations. We are really excited to help finish up the lessons with them and to help them take some really big steps. A few weeks ago N. found some work in construction but the hours were long and he didnt have the time to go to activities, church, or study the scriptures. The next week he quit. He and I. are trying to look for work right now, please keep them in your prayers. They have made so many sacrifices for this gospel. My comp and I have been so blessed to know this family, and I cant wait to see the light of the gospel bless thier lives.

I love you all so much. I have been so blessed because of the mission, there are ups and downs, but you can get through any of those with the help help of Heavenly Father and the hope of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for all your support, have a great week!

Sister Goss  

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