Monday, September 22, 2014

Rain, stickers, and a Wedding

 I and N 

 P-day sand dunes

Kids enjoying the stickers mom sent

Family and Friends,
This past week we got....RAIN!!! Usually this isn't abnormal, but for this year the Boa vista hasn't gotten the normal amount of rainfall so we were pretty excited for the storm.
The contacting is going well. We are aiming to contact at least ten people in the streets daily. Usually we get referals from the investigators but it hasn't been working out so well. We got a couple new investigators that I think are interested and we are so ready to help them know more. 
Update on I and N: They have been taught just about everything and are ready to get baptized, but we are still waiting on those stinky wedding papers so that they can set a date for the wedding and therefore the baptism date. They are so close.
We have been teaching this woman named O who we love so much. She has young kids and owns here own little store here in Vila. We have been teaching her for a while and each visit she likes to feed us her Cuzcuz (so yummy). We had noticed that she and her family were a big coffee family. This made me nervous to teach the word of wisdom, but just this week we passed by and taught her and she and her daughter agreed with everything. I was so grateful for how willing she was to obey the commandments of God. She agreed to use coffee substitutes and drop the coffee. Yay!!!
All in all the week had its challenges, but we are still happy and excited to teach these people. I love my mission soooooo much.
Family, I am learning how to make all the good dishes from cape verde to share when I get home. Cuzcuz is on the list :)
Also, I got sunburned for the first time since my first transfer. We went to the dunes again for pday. Super fun! 

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