Monday, September 22, 2014

Eight Month Mark

Today is the eighth month mark. Ai. Time.
This week was a wonderful week for us. We had six new investigaters from street contacts. What a blessing. We really needed that. We are hoping and praying that one of them will be a future member.  Street contacting is slowly becoming easier....  more natural. Dad by the time I get home I hope I'm like you. (Able to strike up a conversation about the church with anyone.)
I and N now have all the lessons, and we are now just waiting on those wedding papers. They are still doing well but could use your prayers as these big events come up. Satan will be working hard on them.
As we passed by a house of a contact we saw another contact we had made a couple days before fixing the door. We went up and talking and asked if he had some time to talk. He agreed to talk after the door was fixed. So as we were waiting the owner of the home came out and was getting some fresh air. I remembered that she was a contact from three weeks ago (we passed by MANY times but she was never home). So I began making conversation with her. She kind of just looked at me and said "sit here and teach me the word of God". Don't have to ask us twice! As we began with the first lesson the guy who was fixing the door came in and THEN another contact's sister came in and decided to listen to the first vision. We gave them all booklets and the Book of Mormon. They all had some good interest. We are very excited to continue with them.
We are doing well here in the "BoBista". I love you all so much! Have a great week! 

Keep to the faith,
Sister Goss

Rain, stickers, and a Wedding

 I and N 

 P-day sand dunes

Kids enjoying the stickers mom sent

Family and Friends,
This past week we got....RAIN!!! Usually this isn't abnormal, but for this year the Boa vista hasn't gotten the normal amount of rainfall so we were pretty excited for the storm.
The contacting is going well. We are aiming to contact at least ten people in the streets daily. Usually we get referals from the investigators but it hasn't been working out so well. We got a couple new investigators that I think are interested and we are so ready to help them know more. 
Update on I and N: They have been taught just about everything and are ready to get baptized, but we are still waiting on those stinky wedding papers so that they can set a date for the wedding and therefore the baptism date. They are so close.
We have been teaching this woman named O who we love so much. She has young kids and owns here own little store here in Vila. We have been teaching her for a while and each visit she likes to feed us her Cuzcuz (so yummy). We had noticed that she and her family were a big coffee family. This made me nervous to teach the word of wisdom, but just this week we passed by and taught her and she and her daughter agreed with everything. I was so grateful for how willing she was to obey the commandments of God. She agreed to use coffee substitutes and drop the coffee. Yay!!!
All in all the week had its challenges, but we are still happy and excited to teach these people. I love my mission soooooo much.
Family, I am learning how to make all the good dishes from cape verde to share when I get home. Cuzcuz is on the list :)
Also, I got sunburned for the first time since my first transfer. We went to the dunes again for pday. Super fun! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Street Contacting - Love Hate Relationship

Boa Tarde familia e amigos!
This week was another toughie. Many of the new people we contacted on the streets avoided our appointments, other lessons fell through, members decided they didn't want to come teaching with us...*sigh*...Ai. BUT, we are still determinded to find prepared investigators! Just more contacting. Contacting and I have a love hate relationship. We are slowly working things out together, hard, frustrating at times, but its worth saving the relationship. This next week we are going to do some immersion therapy. We are excited.
So this week we began preperations for I and N's wedding. Really quite exciting for us, and we have been finishing up the lessons with them. Our last lesson was by far the best with the both of them. We were reviewing Baptism, Confirmation, and enduring to the end. I asked if they were ready to make this promise between themselves and Pai Celestial. They both answered with a testimony of this gospel that was so strong I could hardly believe how far they had come. They both said they have found the true church and that they will never stray away from this gospel. That they are ready to live these principles and make covenants for the rest of their lives. I love these two so much.
Training is going well, Sister Y is progressing and is really enjoying her time here. I am so grateful for her and the opportunity to serve with her. We are both going through the struggle together and through smiles and tears I think we are growing together. Missionary work is one of the best things in this whole world. Heavenly Father will give us challanges according to our weaknesses to help strengthen them. I am so grateful for my Father and my Savior and for the love and support they give me daily. Alma 26:12.
I love you all so much! I hope the week goes well for all the missionaries, friends, and family.

Sister Goss

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Street Contacting

Sister Y, Taylor, and the "Greenies"

Hello every one!

 I felt like it was just spring a month ago and now it's fall. Crazy. 
This week was a good week. The training is coming along great, my comp is so wonderful I love her so much!  Leading an area and training is hard work, but its good work. I have learned so much in this short week and for that I am grateful. There isn't much new this week, but it was a pretty rough one for finding investigators. We have these kinds of weeks occasionally where no one will be home and where some of our investigaters just tell us they dont want to talk anymore, but that's ok. We want to find those who are really ready and who are needing this gospel in thier lives.
We did a lot of street contacting this week, which was challenging for me. I dont like talking to strangers much, but like I said the Lord is giving me plenty of practice and is teaching me so much.
I. and N. are still so strong and doing thier best to get these wedding papers ready as so as possible. We just have a couple more things to teach them and then they are really ready for that wedding date and baptism date. We are very excited for them.
The mission is a wonderful thing.  I am so grateful for the chance to serve and to help others. This work is inspired. He is leading this work and it is meant to bless and strengthen everyone who hears it and accepts it.
I love you all, 
Sister Goss

New Companion

Family and Friends,

This week was a crazy one. So to pick up my new comp Sis Turner and I had to fly out to Praia. When we got there all the greenies and thier comps were in a house. That made about 10 girls in one house. Yikes.
My new comp is Sister Y. She is 22, is from New York, has a twin sister, and I am super excited to work with her. Sister Y. pretty much already speaks the language, it has been great to see her talking so much to the people here. She has such a good start.

We did some divisions in Praia for a day, flew back to Boavista the next day, and started teaching on Saturday.

This Sunday one of our investigators, C.,  came to church. She was the one that quit coffee the moment we told her about the word of wisdom. She participated in the classes and I think she liked sacrament meeting. It was fun to see her learning.

N. and I. talked with our Branch Pres and they have decided to get married the second week of Sept!!! The folllowing Saturday they will be baptized together. Sister Yeater and I got put in charge of doing the cake and helping with decorations. We are really excited to help finish up the lessons with them and to help them take some really big steps. A few weeks ago N. found some work in construction but the hours were long and he didnt have the time to go to activities, church, or study the scriptures. The next week he quit. He and I. are trying to look for work right now, please keep them in your prayers. They have made so many sacrifices for this gospel. My comp and I have been so blessed to know this family, and I cant wait to see the light of the gospel bless thier lives.

I love you all so much. I have been so blessed because of the mission, there are ups and downs, but you can get through any of those with the help help of Heavenly Father and the hope of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for all your support, have a great week!

Sister Goss