Monday, August 18, 2014

Time to Become a Trainer

Zone Conference on the island of Sal.  
Sister trainer in the middle and companion on the right.
"Thanks for the M&M's mom.  I made some sweet oatmeal pancakes with them."
 "We had an activity at the beach with the ward. 
We couldn't touch the water but we held a crab and a sea urchin."
 More beach critters
 Taylor and her companion Sister Turner.
 The Branch President and his wife (just returned from the Brazil temple) 
with Taylor and her companion.
"We made shrimp alfredo this week,
 those alfredo packets are the best, thank you thank you!"
At the beach with the ward.

This week we had our Zone Conf. in Sal, so we had to fly on over and stay the night. But it was great. We had a lot of great practices and learned so much. Pres mainly talked about agency and how we as missionaries need to help others use their agency more independently. Right now the church is so new the wards and branches really depend on the missionaries and leaders. We have to slowly help them walk on their own. I am super excited to work and apply this :)
We had another lesson with I. and N.! They said they were still working things out on deciding about marrage. We had a great lesson about repentence and the atonement of Jesus Christ, I am so glad that the spirit was there to guide us because it was exactly what they needed to hear. They are so great. I will keep you updated.
We also taught a woman named C. She got a solid answer about Joseph Smith and so we have been teaching her the lessons and commandments. We just recently taught her the word of wisdom. At first she was suprised about the coffee, but we continued to teach about how these substances are addicting and how we depend on them for releif, sometimes for problems, for just a short time. But we need to stay away from them and depend only on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to help give us releif and comfort. She told us right there and then she wouldnt use coffee anymore. I love her so much! She has so much faith.

Big change this week. Transfers were yesterday. I was called by President Mathews and will be staying in Boa Vista, but I will be recieving a new missionairy from the Provo MTC. I am training!  Mixed emotions about that. Mostly excitement and nervousness. Ai. It´ll be a great learning experience :)
The mission  is wonderful, even with it's ups and downs. If we just keep applying what we have been taught we will continue in happiness and things will work out. I love you alll so much!

 Have a wonderful week,
SIster Goss

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