Monday, August 18, 2014

Time to Become a Trainer

Zone Conference on the island of Sal.  
Sister trainer in the middle and companion on the right.
"Thanks for the M&M's mom.  I made some sweet oatmeal pancakes with them."
 "We had an activity at the beach with the ward. 
We couldn't touch the water but we held a crab and a sea urchin."
 More beach critters
 Taylor and her companion Sister Turner.
 The Branch President and his wife (just returned from the Brazil temple) 
with Taylor and her companion.
"We made shrimp alfredo this week,
 those alfredo packets are the best, thank you thank you!"
At the beach with the ward.

This week we had our Zone Conf. in Sal, so we had to fly on over and stay the night. But it was great. We had a lot of great practices and learned so much. Pres mainly talked about agency and how we as missionaries need to help others use their agency more independently. Right now the church is so new the wards and branches really depend on the missionaries and leaders. We have to slowly help them walk on their own. I am super excited to work and apply this :)
We had another lesson with I. and N.! They said they were still working things out on deciding about marrage. We had a great lesson about repentence and the atonement of Jesus Christ, I am so glad that the spirit was there to guide us because it was exactly what they needed to hear. They are so great. I will keep you updated.
We also taught a woman named C. She got a solid answer about Joseph Smith and so we have been teaching her the lessons and commandments. We just recently taught her the word of wisdom. At first she was suprised about the coffee, but we continued to teach about how these substances are addicting and how we depend on them for releif, sometimes for problems, for just a short time. But we need to stay away from them and depend only on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to help give us releif and comfort. She told us right there and then she wouldnt use coffee anymore. I love her so much! She has so much faith.

Big change this week. Transfers were yesterday. I was called by President Mathews and will be staying in Boa Vista, but I will be recieving a new missionairy from the Provo MTC. I am training!  Mixed emotions about that. Mostly excitement and nervousness. Ai. It´ll be a great learning experience :)
The mission  is wonderful, even with it's ups and downs. If we just keep applying what we have been taught we will continue in happiness and things will work out. I love you alll so much!

 Have a wonderful week,
SIster Goss

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Let Your Light Shine"

Hello everyone! 
This week was a challenge. We had a lot of lessons fall through during the whole week, and we sadly had to drop a couple of investigators. There wasnt too much that happened this week, so this will be a shorter email.
The lessons were a bit rough this week but we had a couple of traingings that went really well. Yesterday, we gave a training to the ward. Before anyone had come in we wrote up on the board, "You are not welcomed to our class today, we do not want you to come back, we will not miss you" and sat in the front ignoring every person that walked in. (Dont worry this gets a lot better) One by one people sat down, read the board, and waited in silence.The room felt so heavy. Sister Turner and I walked up to the front with straight faces and asked a member to give the prayer. After that we asked how they felt. No one spoke. After a while they explained that they felt aweful, sad, and unhappy.

 Finally sister and I put on some smiles and reworte what was on the board, "you are welcomed to our class today, we do want you to come back, we will miss you." Relief flowed into the room, and we explained that this was just a practice to show what people feel like when they are not openly and sincirely welcomed to activities. We all had a good laugh and began to discuss what we could do better to help people feel welcomed if they are new or if they havent been to church in a while. We had some really good practices with the members and they were really excited to try out some of the things they had learned such as, walk up to some one if you dont know them, introduce yourself, ask how they know the church, if they have been taking discussions from the missionaries, invite them to sit with you etc. It went so well! The spirit was there and our testimonies were built. We read in 3 Nephi 18:22-24 about inviting everyone and letting your light shine to be an example to the world. I am so grateful for the ward and for the scriptures that we have to use and to help us learn.
I love this gospel so much. I know it can get us through any difficulty or help us with any problem. Let your light shine in this dark world, be an example to everyone you meet. I love you all so much and pray for you daily. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
love, SIster Goss

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another Wedding!

These are Taylor's letters form the las two weeks

These letters are always so awkward to start...
Earlier in the week we taught N. again (the one I talked about last week) and he accepted baptism. He came to an activity on sat, went to chruch on sun, and attented a baptism after church. I was talking with his girlfriend I. which is the one who referenced him to us and she said he wants to get baptised so bad that he is wants to get married and keep all the commandments, whatever it takes. YAY!!! Hopefully we can mark  a marrage and  two baptism dates this week. 
Also on Tuesday we were walking to our next lesson and, out of the blue, a man stopped us on the street and said he wanted to learn more so that he could quite drinking.  We could smell alcohol on him and so we told him we could help but it would have to be on a day when he hadnt drunk. We wrote down his information and marked to meet the next day(His name is Chatcho-too cool). The lesson was interesting. We found out that he had just come from Senegal (where they speak french) and had only been in Cape Verde for 5 months. He barely spoke creole. So when we taught in portuguese we had to go really slow, explain things multiple times, and use a lot of pictures from the pamphlets. He has very little understanding of the language but I know he felt the spirit. I can tell he is a smart guy but the language is just making it hard to communicate. We have a portuguese class that we have invited him to attend to help him learn more. He has a real fire in himself to change his life around and do better. I know that the Lord is preparing people and we just need find those who are ready to recieve this message.
I love missionary work so much. I cannot explain the feeling of being on a mission. It is something so much better than anything I have ever felt before. I know this is the same Church that Christ established on the earth 2,000 years ago. And I know through Christ we can all be healed, forgiven, and receive eternal happiness. 
I love you all!
Sister Goss

I didnt have a ton of time to do a weekly this week, but here are some really quick pionts.
-we talked with I. and N. about marrage and I didnt think they took it well but after the lesson we ran into I. again and she told us that after we left N. asked if she wanted to marry him!!!!! YAY!!! They talked to President Andrade about getting married in three weeks, just before thier baptism! They are TOO great.
-fast sunday testimonies were wonderful. Our ward, although small, has the best unity.
- this week was slow. a lot of appts. fell but Sister T and I still did what we could. I love her more and more as time goes on. She is so patient and kind. 
-we played charades (is that how you spell it?) for activity night and it was soooo funny.
- I love the mission and never want to leave.
Have a great week!
Sister Goss