Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New References & The Sand Dunes

This week...
We found a lot of new investigators which was seriously great. We needed some great new people.
One of the new references we got was a lady named I. . She lives with her boyfriend and she has been learning about the church and taking lessons since November. We found her just this week but she has all the lessons and wants to get baptised. The only issue is with her boyfriend. She knows they need to do something different so that she can keep all the commandments but he isn't so excited. He hasn't had the desire to sit with us the last two times we talked, but we have been giving I. the pamphlets to read with him and we are trying to get her to pray with him if this is the right thing for them to be doing. I hope that he can be touched by the spirit here soon. I. has such a deep love for the gospel and is so ready to make this step to be baptised.
We have also been teaching, a sister of one of our most recent converts, B. She is a little slower at reading understanding portuguese (she only speaks straight up creole), but she has a great heart and is progressing well. Her brother T. (the recent convert) is one of the best members and has the purest heart. He has been helping out with B. a lot. They prayed together about the church and she told us that she got an answer that it was true! They are growing together. It is so great to see members help others find the truth of the gospel.

For Pday today we went to the sand dunes and had a BBQ with our branch pres. and the Elders. It was a lot of fun and it was good to get to know the president better. He has been doing a great job with the branch, and next week we will start haveing three hr church! With all the meetings for all the ages (before it was 2 hrs cause the branch was so small). This little area is growing quickly. I know the Lord has just paved the way for this place to grow in the gospel and I know that this is His work.
I love you all and wish you all the best!

SIster Goss

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