Monday, July 7, 2014

July 4th feast & Plenty of People to Contact

 "Mom we are seriously two blocks from this beach. We need to come back and visit ok? ;) "

Fourth of July was so great! My comp is pretty much a pro cook so we eat good ;) For our lunch on the 4th we had the most american meal we could make here in Cabo Verde. Hamburgers, fries, jello, grapes, homemade chocolate doughnuts.

Week one of Transfer 4...
TIme is going by way too fast :(

Alrighty so this area is the best. Since the church is so new here we find prepared people all the time who progress and stay so strong. All the memebers here are so converted and willing to do anything for the ward which has been such a blessing and such a great example to me over the past few weeks. 
This saturday we had a goal to help the whole ward fast for strengthened testimonies and to find those who need the gospel in their lives. We had an intergration night on Saturday where we played games and ate, we then prayed together to start the fast. We also challenged them all to bear their testimonies the next day during sacrament meeting. That sunday was incredible. Almost everysingle member got up and shared a short but strong testimony of what they knew to be true. It was so touching to see all these great members, who havent even been members for over a year, get up and share what they felt and experienced. That sunday night everyone brought a plate of food to share and we broke the fast together. It was on of the best moments of my mission. The spirit was so strong and I knew that everyone could feel the power of what fasting adn prayer could really do. 
We taught this lady named S this week. She has been attending other churches looking for how to follow Christ. I couldn't help but smile as she said that. As we taught the first lesson to her the spirit just grew stronger and stronger. She accepted everything we talked about and was excited to pray, read the book of Mormon, and ponder about what we had said. I love this work so much. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to help with work of the Lord. 
I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Except from my letter:
"The new area is the bomb! Love it so much.  We have so many people we can talk to here which is nice, cause in the other area it was small with few people so we knew close to everyone. WE have AC IN OUR HOUSE!!!!!!! Pai Celestial is really looking out for me right now :) Only problem is we have a few cockroaches here and there in the kitchen but they are the medium sized ones not the chunky large ones. Count your blessings. 
I love you mom! Tell everyone I love them so much and I cant wait to hear about next week."

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