Tuesday, July 22, 2014

6 Months - Only a Year Left :(

I just cant believe how time has flown by. I only have a year left :( But all is well here in Boa Vista. The tourists are still as red as ever, and the Africans are still rocking the creole. 

This week our new mission president came to do interviews and to see how the work is coming along. Pres Mathews and his wife are perfect for this mission. They used to be senior missionaries here about 7 months ago, and now they have been called to lead the mission. Pres Mathews is a temple sealer for the Houston, Texas Temple and he is such a great man. I am excited to work with him here.  He really is pushing the conversion of the people here more than the baptisms, and he wants us to work on contacting more daily. So that is what we have been trying to do. 

We were told that we don't knock on doors here, we only use references and street contacting. So we have been street contacting more if our lessons fall. We have been shut down a lot,  but I know that its a seed planted. 

One of our lessons this week was with that lady I., I cant remember if I talked about her before, but we have started teachign her boyfriend. As of right now he doesn't attend Catholic chruch because he didn't like how they worship all the saints. We shared the restoration with him and I think it touched him. I hope that with time he will be able to accept the gospel, get married, and then he and I. can be baptized! 

Another inspiring lesson this week was with a man named A. . We were teaching with Sister M. and were sharing the 3rd lesson with this man (we hadn't talked to him in 3 weeks because of his work schedule). After we had a strong spritual lesson Sister M. shared that when she was little she was looking for happiness, she found true lasting happiness in this gospel. A. went on to say that he feels the power of the book of mormon. He feels somthing so much different inside of him when we come and visit and he really wants that. It was a really touching moment for me, to help provide something more significant in a persons life than just worldy happiness. He came to church the following day and really enjoyed it. I am excited for him, he has finally found Light. 

All in all, I love the mission. I am honestly sad that is is already 1/3 of the way over. I hope I can accomplish what I need to in Cape Verde, to fullfill the Lords will. 

I love you all so much! Keep hope and faith. 
Have a great week!

With lots of love,
SIster Goss

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