Monday, June 9, 2014

Mango Season

Hello everyone! 
I love you all so much, I hope you know that!
Sorry about last week. The computers are really slow sometimes and so
it is rough trying to email.
This week had many ups and downs. I want to focus on the ups though.
Earlier in the week we were on our way to a lesson to a less actives
house when this lady named Isabel just started walking next to us
(many people told us not to bother with her because she was constantly
drunk and was always on drugs). We started to talk to her and found
out she was the mother of our less active! So we invited her in to
talk with us. Sadly her daughter wasnt home, but we had a really great
lesson with this lady and her husband who was at home. All but one of
her four kids are baptized but inactive, she told us she loved going
to the baptisms of her kids and she wants them to go back to church.
We got to know her well that week. As of right now she has stopped
drinking, smoking, and has a baptism date marked! She went to church
yesterday and shed a few tears of joy. It was really sweet to see the
Spirit touch her. Im am excited for her future.
Today we went on a little hike and got to see the view of Cova
Figueira. I love where I serve!
Mango season just hit and so we bought a few to snack on... plus a
huge papaya. SO yummy. Im not going to lie, the fruits here are the
best I have ever tasted.
Also you see this every so often. People will carry pigeons around...
they say that they dont eat them. They just keep them as pets. 

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