Monday, May 26, 2014

First Fogo Stake Conference & the Ugliest Chicken in the World

Taylor called this the "Ugliest Chicken in the World"

 Missionary leaving Cape Verde to serve a mission in Brazil

First Stake Conference in Fogo

 Taylor's zone

Ok this week has been soooo good!

The island of Fogo now has a Stake. Throughout the whole week we
worked really hard to invite EVERYONE to this conference. So many
came! It was really cool to see all the members of the island gather
into one place. We had around 2,000 show up! Such a blessing. The
Church here is growing so fast, the people here are just so wonderful.

It has been a lot of work getting the members strengthened for this
big step but it has all been worth the work. I know God sends us to
where we are needed and to where we will learn what we need.

Transfers were yesterday. I am staying right here in Cova Figueira
with Sister Cowley! Yay! Our Mission President is leaving on June
27th, so we will probably have more changes here in a couple of weeks.

Earlier in the week we were teaching this boy named To (he is 18). He
is super interested in the church, but the rest of his family is
Advantista. Durring our first lesson his mom came in and started going
off about how God's finger wrote the law of Moses and how we still
should follow that today. When she stopped we kept teaching and it was
fine. Later in the week, we were teaching him the third lesson and he
had accepted to be baptized in two weeks. Then his mom came
I though she was going to pass out she was talking (yelling) so fast
for so long in creole. She kept closing her eyes and she was spitting
everywhere. She talked about how all the words of God are in the bible
and only in the bible, then she went on to say that we were forcing
her son to be baptized, then she told her son its his own choice but
in the bible it says to respect your parents. Que isso!? It was so
insane. The spirit was gone and this little Advantista lady was out of
control. We eventually calmed her down and told her we would just pray
and then we would leave. She finally left the room. We prayed adn the
spirit was back. He still wanted to be baptized. We decided we would
teach To in the Church next time.

I know this Church is the true Church of God. I feel it everyday. That
confirmation that this is the only path that we can return to live
with our Father again.

Thank you all for emails! I love reading each and everyone!

Com muito amor e esperançá em todas as coisas,
Sister Goss

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