Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Prayer in Your Heart?

 Sorry about last week. I had little time to email so I didn't get any 
pictures out or questions answered. I will do better today.
This week has been crazy. So there are four sisters in our house. 
Me my comp, Sister W and her comp. Sister W has had a 
couple of complications and she hasn't had a comp for a week. 
So we have been going to her area and ours this past week. 
Kinda rough but cool to see her style of teaching and her investigators.
 Funny story for the week:
We went to an investigators house but she wasn't there. We asked 
her mom if we could talk with her and she agreed. We had a really solid 
lesson and I felt like it went really well... until the closing prayer. We
 asked her to offer it, and she kindly agreed. She then bowed her head 
as did we... and waited. After a long pause, I looked up and asked if she
 remembered how to give a prayer, she glanced up and me and bowed 
her head quickly again. So I bowed mine and waited...nothing. 
Sister W called her name and she didn't move. So we assumed she was
 just saying a personal prayer......5 minutes went by. By now I had coughed 
a couple of times to cover my laughter. Around the ten minute mark she
 looked like she was falling asleep! Finally we got her to look up and 
explained that we offer prayers aloud so others can hear and feel the spirit. 
She nodded and bowed her head. Silence. In an attempt to just finish 
and leave my comp. just started praying, the lady looked up super 
confused and finally just went with it. Man, it was strange. 
 I haven't gotten the package yet but I am looking forward to it! 
I love you all so much! Im sorry I don't have much time today again. 
The power has been out all day.
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Goss 

Mom's Questions
 Where do you hold your baptisms?  
Those are held at the beach unless we can get a car to drive us to a 
chapel with a font. Our building does not have a font.
Did you get to watch conference? 
We were allowed to watch one session of conf. in portuguese. But 
we downloaded all of it onto a iPod in english so I can understand, yay!
Do they have any Easter traditions there? 
No easter traditions here, but we will be doing some on our own :)
 How do you get from island to island?
 We take boat from island to island unless we are being transferred
 with a big suitcase. Then we fly. 
How often are transfers?
Transfers are every 6 weeks. This is my first day of the 2nd transfer.
 I am staying in Cova Figuiera with Sister C as my trainer.

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