Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Faith and Hope- Fix Yo Tie

Dear family and friends,

I love all of you so much.

This week has been quite the week. We made a vision for our area this last District meeting (to have a branch in this city called Figuira Pavao) and ever since satan has really been working hard. But so have we.

My comp and I have been working really hard on having faith and hope in our investigators and menos activos. This in turn has helped us feel happier and has helped us get through small trials with a better attitude. For example, we usually get a car to go pick up these people in FP for church every sunday, but our car has canceled on us for the past two weeks 45 minutes before church. It takes us 30 min to walk there, 30 min to pass by all the houses on foot, then 30 more to walk back, so we have had to say a lot of hopeful prayers that these people would have the faith to come on thier own. The Lord answered our prayers, and we got a lot of people last week. I was so proud of them and so grateful to the Lord.

Ok funny story about this sunday. So a 19 yr old guy was giving a talk in sacrament meeting this sunday. When he walked up to give it, you could tell his tie was just a little crooked. But we all started listening to his talk without a second thought. HALF WAY through the talk this man stands up, walks up to the stand, tells the president "sorry, hold on", fixes the tie on this 19 yr old, waves to the congress and walks back down to his seat. I am trying SO HARD not to laugh, but I look around at the other three missionaries and they either have thier mouth open or are trying just as hard not to laugh. Man, I love the mission.

I know this is the true Church of Christ. I am so grateful that I have been blessed to grow up with this gospel. I know that with Christ, we can repent. We can be clean. And we can be happy. I have a much stronger testimony of church, specifically the sacramnet. I know that going and taking it every week is a commandment of God and that by following this commandment we can find happiness and peace in our lives. Church is where we take our problems to be solved. Church is not for the righteous/perfect but for the sick and lowly of heart. We all need the teachings and the love of God we recieve from church.

I wish you all the best. Have a great week!
Sister Goss

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