Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter and a Baptism

 On the way home from zone conference
 On the way to Baptism of Ze
 Ze's Baptism
 Decorating Easter Eggs
Goodies from the Easter Egg Hunt

This week we had a baptism, which was awesome/it was a miracle. We did the interview and all the paper work 30 minutes before the baptism cause of complications through out the week. Anyways his name si Ze and he is so great. He pretty much kept alll of the commandments before we talked with him. He was a prepared investigator! 

This week was great, just teaching, and trying to communicate with people. 
Easter was great. One of the other sisters in our house went all out and did a easter egg hunt for us and we dyed eggs. It was good. We also made a good meal of braided bread with tuna stuff inside. MMM good.

Hopefully we have another wedding coming up here. They are just trying to get the paperwork figured out! But another active family in the church will be wonderful! After the marrage the wife and son can be baptized! This marrage is a big deal!! 

Looks like you all have had a great easter as well! I miss all of you family and frinds! You have all been such good examples to me!

Shout out to my bro Kimball!!! He is going to be dating here on Thursday! The big 16!  He is the greatest little bro ever!

Have a wonderful week!
Sister Goss

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