Monday, March 24, 2014

The Wedding and Baptism

 Taylor with her companion from Pleasant Grove Utah
 This cute little girl drew a picture of Taylor and herself
 Taylor and her companion
The baptism
Act of service
  A boy and his goat?  She thought it was funny.
 "Me and Davison, aka the cutest kid on earth and he reminds me of Garret."

Whoa! A week has already passed. Its crazy how time here is so different than before the mission but this week was amazing. We had a a couple get married which is pretty much unheard of here. No one gets married. Ever. Then this Saturday the Bride/Wife was baptized by her husband. They have two little kids, and they really do have the whole happy mormon family feel now. It is so cool to see the difference in thier lives. 

I had some really cool spiritual experiences this week as well. So remember how in primary you are taught to follow the spirit. Its a little voice in your head. Guess what? They werent making it up! Its true.
My comp and I were neer our house after a lesson but it was still too early to go home. We needed more pesquisedors and so we went to the side of the road and prayed to be guided to someone who was prepared to hear our message. After the prayer we stood in silence... I looked up and said that we needed to walk towards the house. She said the same. So we started heading to our house. All of a sudden our phone rang and it was the branch president. He needed us to find this less active named Claudio. So we said if we saw him we would let him know. After walking a little further I had the sudden urge to yell out his name. I told my comp that and  she half yelled out his name as a joke. Then Claudio pokes his head out of the door from a house we were walking by. "oh, hey Sisters!"   ..... What in the world.... We told him pres called so they got all that business worked out. After, Claudio said, "Hey I have someone I want you to teach right now." with shocked faces we walked into this house and talked with this girl who was super interested in the church. She is prepared and ready to hear about the gospel. All we had to do was ask our father for help and guidence. The spirit is real and if we only listen and act on it we find blessings waiting for us. 

I love it here so much! I know that the spirit guides us and protects us if we will only listen and act. I love hearing from all of you about life, missions, and experiences. I pray for you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 

Eu sei que o evangelho e verdadero com toda meu coracao.

Com muito amor,
Sister Goss

Mom's Q&A
Where is your companion from?
Pleasant Grove Utah
Do you feel safe?
I always feel safe 
Does your area have a branch?
Yes 2
What is your mode of transportation?
We walk everywhere besides going to the main city in Fogo. It is an hour drive.
What has surprised you the most?
The food is so good!  I am going to gain weight instead of lose it!
What is your favorite thing about this area?
All the people are awesome, they are nice, they love to joke with you, and they think im especially cute cause I cant understand creole, or much of portuguese but secretly I can understand half of what they say.

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