Monday, March 31, 2014

The "REAL" Way to Make Bread

Hey everyone! 

First off I need to let you all know that reading emails doesn't count towards my hour of email so write as much as you would like. Secondly thank you to all who write me. I will try to respond in the next couple of weeks, I dont have time to respond to all of you :)

Great big shout out to my amazing mother who had her birthday this last week! I love her SO much! Happy Birthday again mom :)

Also congrats to Garrett Vance and Sterling McCracken who got their mission calls!!! Missions are the bomb! I can't wait for you both to have the best experience of your life. You will both be wonderful missionaries. 

So this is how crazy small/ghetto my town is. We ran out of water yesterday so... that's an adventure, also there is one ATM for this side of the island.......and it's out of money.  In our stores you can only get the very basics (flour, sugar, yogurt, milk, eggs). If you want to get anything fancy or buy some new shoes or something you have to take the hiace to the other side of the island where they actually have a market. But its a good simple life. It's the Cabo Verde life. 

One day this week we helped this lady make bread the REAL way. I will send pics. It was really good! Then after her house we went and got fed half a thing of cake, then after that we got fed cuzcuz with beans!!!! I thought I was going to barf. It was rough, but we thanked them kindly and left before they could feed us anymore. 

So this week was pretty normal. We taught a bunch of lessons and had a great time. Nothing is really standing out to me at the moment so l will answer the questions my mom sent.
I have two more weeks until the next trasfer. Time goes by sooo fast here. I love you all so so so much! Thank you for your prayers, know that you are all in mine. Have a fantastic week!

Sister Taylor Goss

Mom's Q&A
Have you been able to play soccer with the kids yet?
No, we can't play with the members of the Church :( Super sad cause people know that I play and they keep telling me that I need to go out and play with them.
What is a typical meal like?
Typical meal..... beans, rice, chicken/tuna, bread and cake for dessert. Only veggies they have here are carrots and potatos...
Where do you get internet access to write and read your letters?
They have internet cafes that we go to or we can use the church computers if we have keys to the church.
What is something funny that happened this week?
My whole life is a joke.  I trip on everything and I get made fun of for being so white but you learn to just deal with it :) Also there are dogs EVERYWHERE. sometimes puppies will nip at our feet but no biggie. 
How large is your area?
Our area is HUGE. Like we walk two miles to get to our area. One area is just hills and the other is a straight up hike to get to. Nuts! 
What is a new word that you learned this week?
.....fubeca.... it's a lazy person. If I say I will do something then I dont do it I would be called a fubeca. 

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