Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 6 "Cape Verde or Bust"

Hello Family and Friends!
Thank you all for writing and for being so wonderful! I miss you all a lot and hope all is well.
This week was really hard, but amazing. So before I came on the mission I felt like I knew Christ and understood what he did. I was wrong. These past couple days have been such an eye opener.
A while back I bought the book "Jesus the Christ" because I had a deeper desire to learn about the Savior. Later as a district we read 3 Nephi 11 and 12 which is about Christ visiting the Americas, cool insight thanks to all my friends in the district. The devotionals later that week were about Jesus Christ. I dont know how to explain it, but with all of the study, prayer, desire to learn, and faith, I have felt like I have become so much closer to my Lord. I am starting to understand certain things that were said often, but never had any deep meaning for me. Dad you and I had this talk about doing research on gospel topics and really trying  to dig deep into books, scripture, and prayer. Well I get it now. I did it and I hope I can continue to study with real intent. Doing this has really changed my outlook and understanding of truly learning.
Cool story. So my family knows that I like to ask for blessings pretty often because I often want to hear spoken words from my Father. But I was nervous coming to the MTC because I didnt know if I would feel super comfortable with strangers giving me blessings. Well after the first couple of weeks I was more comfortable with asking. This past week I asked for two blessings. The first one I didnt feel a need for anything, but I had a really strong impression that this one Elder needed to bless me (This Elder had been having a tough couple of weeks with the language and his confidence). I was going to ask before we all left to the residences at night but half of our district was already gone. This one Elder and his companion were about to leave and I started getting a sick feeling in my stomach. So I ran over and asked nervously if he would be willing to give me a blessing before he left. Shockingly he ask "Voce quere eu?" (You want me?) and I assured him that he was the one I wanted to bless me. So he agreed and after that blessing we were both crying. I thanked him and he thanked me. He hasn't had any real issues with the language or his confidence since, and he has been in a much happier mood. Now I'm not saying that was because of me, it wasnt. The spirit prompted me and the spirit blessed us both. It was really inspiring. 

The second time I felt that prompting was later in the week. My companion had just received a blessing, and during it I felt that I should get one after her by another Elder in our district. This was so weird because it was so out of the blue. But I listened and I asked this Elder who said yes. Right before the blessing he asked for help from the other Elders because this was his first blessing he had ever given. (All of the Elders where supposed to have given blessings before they left the MTC, so that they could have some kind of practice. Somehow he had been looked over.) He gave me a wonderful powerful blessing. Who knew this Elder needed this opportunity? No one. I am so grateful I listened to the promptings of the Spirit. It never ceases to amaze me.
I love all of you so much! You are all incredible people and I feel so privileged to know all of you! 
Have a wonderful week! I will let you know how the first week in the field goes :)))))
com amor,
Sister Goss

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