Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 2 When in Doubt, Testify

Dear Family, 
Can I just say the Lord is amazing. I have had so many wonderful devotionals that have kept me happy and upbeat. The Spirit is better than ever, doing all the work as usual but I am so amazed at how different I already am. Two weeks feels like two years in learning and understanding, I feel so blessed. 
Well I just got called to be the Sister Training Leader in our zone and I am so excited! We get a new district tomorrow and it's four sisters!!!!! Crazy fun! RIght now my companion and I are the only sisters in the district. I am so excited to show the new sisters around and show them how amazing this place is! 
We now have two investigators that we have to teach daily in portuguese and it is getting a little difficult but nothing the lord cant help me with. I miss all of you so much! 
Ok now for the spiritual experience. So my companion and I have had a hard time really nailing what the investigator needs. We started to get a little frustrated and so our teacher finally said, "if you dont know what to say or what to teach, just bear your testimony." So we tried it out on a 15 min lesson and I have never felt the Spirit so strong. When in doubt bear a testimony from the heart. Works every time ;) The spirit was there and made all three of us tear up a little. Testimonies and the Spirit are what touch people. 
This work is difficult and I promise you can't do it alone. You have to be humble and ask the Lord constantly for help. I love you all so so much! Family and Friends. 
Sister Goss

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