Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Travel Plans Have Arrived

Wow. This week has been a huge roller coaster of emotion. All good for me to learn though, so don't worry. 
So towards the beginning of the week I got my visa and travel schedule for March 7th! My whole district and I are traveling all the way to Cabo Verde together!!!! I feel so blessed and I am so grateful :) I even get to leave at 2:30 AM! Wahoo! Mom and Dad, I get to call you from the airport. Ill give you more details on that next Tuesday :)
So one of our investigators Silvio, is one of the most wiling investigators I have met. We asked him to be baptized and he said yes, he quite drinking all by himself, and the only thing we need to work on is his smoking problem. On Saturday we were trying to teach him about the Atonement to help explain a little more about baptism, etc. But I just could not get myself to speak. My mind kept blanking on Portuguese and in thoughts.  It was pretty bad. Then that led to frustration which isn't good because the spirit cant be there with me when I am upset, and it all went down hill from there. I left the lesson feeling awful and felt like we just waisted the investigators time. I was trying to talk to my companion on what we could do to improve, but we couldn't think of a solution right then. I was upset that the lesson had gone so badly that I started to think I would be the one responsible for loosing a child of God. I was so worried about getting into the field, having a bad lesson and then the investigator would never invite us back therefore I was at fault for loosing that child of God. It really started weighing on me.  Finally I talked to my Professor and he helped explain that as long as we do our very best, He will be happy with us. Later I read in PMG that it is the investigators decision to accept or deny the message of the restored gospel. Its part of their agency. As long as we have done all that we can, prepared, and had faith in our Lord, the rest of it is between the Lord and the investigator.
I know that the Lord answers prayers through the people around you.  I know that the Lord is ALWAYS super patient, loving, and watches over us all the time.  I love this gospel so much! I know as soon as I get out into the field I'm going to have some really tough times, but all I have to do is keep faith, hope, and love in my heart and mind. I promise any of you if you have these three things you can get through any trial and grow from the experience. 
I love and miss you all more than you know. I pray for the safety of family, friends, and missionaries, so you are basically all in my prayers everyday. 
SIster Goss

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