Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First letter from the MTC

Mom!!!!! The MTC is so amazing! Please dont worry about about me mom, i am so  happy and i feel wonderful.
We have already taught three lessons in portuguese and it has been such a wonderful experience, even thought we only know a little of the language. I havent felt homesick much at all. I have really tried to forget myself and focus on the Lord and his work and it has blessed me so so much! MY testimony has grown so much already, I feel like a different person. My companion is so sweet! She is from NV and we get along well. I seriously love it here and I hope you know how much I love this gospel. My district is the BOMB!!!! I love all of them so so much! We have already grown so much together and i cant wait for the next 5 weeks to spend with them. SIster Gates and I are the only Sisters going to Cabo Verde, then only 5 Elders. We should all be leaving with eachother in 5 weeks to Cape Verde. Portuguese is really fun, though a little difficult, but I know the Spirit has already helped me learn so so much. Like I can pray, bear my testimony, and teach lessons in portuguese already! I cant believe it. ONly one week!!! 
Well I love you! Also start using dearelder.com for personal letters, They print out what you write that day and give it to me in a letter. Much easier to write back and no time limit on writing lettters. Ill send the family an email once a week but other wise dearelder would be great. 
Love, SIster GOss
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