Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First letter from the MTC

Mom!!!!! The MTC is so amazing! Please dont worry about about me mom, i am so  happy and i feel wonderful.
We have already taught three lessons in portuguese and it has been such a wonderful experience, even thought we only know a little of the language. I havent felt homesick much at all. I have really tried to forget myself and focus on the Lord and his work and it has blessed me so so much! MY testimony has grown so much already, I feel like a different person. My companion is so sweet! She is from NV and we get along well. I seriously love it here and I hope you know how much I love this gospel. My district is the BOMB!!!! I love all of them so so much! We have already grown so much together and i cant wait for the next 5 weeks to spend with them. SIster Gates and I are the only Sisters going to Cabo Verde, then only 5 Elders. We should all be leaving with eachother in 5 weeks to Cape Verde. Portuguese is really fun, though a little difficult, but I know the Spirit has already helped me learn so so much. Like I can pray, bear my testimony, and teach lessons in portuguese already! I cant believe it. ONly one week!!! 
Well I love you! Also start using dearelder.com for personal letters, They print out what you write that day and give it to me in a letter. Much easier to write back and no time limit on writing lettters. Ill send the family an email once a week but other wise dearelder would be great. 
Love, SIster GOss
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Monday, January 27, 2014

MTC insider

Facebook message from Taylor's room mate Katie

Katie McCloud
Guess who saw Sister Taylor Goss today in the MTC???? Moi!!!!  She's doing great everyone, she loves it, just so y'all know I guess